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   Chapter 240 Indulging In Her Illusion (Part One)

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Leena also couldn't rest. She twitched her nose and rested her chin on her hands and looked for a thousand times at her phone in the long night, but it laid silent and still on the table in front of her, dead as a brick.

It was already one in the morning, and she wondered if he would still come back home. What was she supposed to do with all the food that she had made for him if he wouldn't? She thought that maybe something unexpected had come up, and that he couldn't leave it undone. But even if that was true, he still could have at least called her and told her that he would be running late, rather than make her wait for him for the whole night. Although Leena was not really in love with Kevin, he was, after all, her husband, and even if they were just friends, she still would worry about him when he didn't return home in the middle of the night.

Leena sighed and reached for her phone. 'Fine,' she thought, 'If you doesn't call, then I will. Don't blame me if I interrupt you from something important, because I already gave you the chance to call.'

Kevin was about to go to bed when his phone started to buzz, and after he saw the name on the screen, he hit his head in remorse. 'Damn it! She must be really mad at me,' he thought. He had forgotten to call Leena because he had been busy for the whole day.

"Hello..." he answered, but Leena snapped at him before he could utter any other word.

"Kevin, it's me. I didn't mean to interrupt your work, but I just got a little worried. You know, it's actually quite late, and em... anyway, I just want to call and make sure that everything is okay." Leena was afraid that her late call would irritate him, and she hurried to explain her intention beforehand. She wanted to tell Kevin that she knew he was busy and that she totally understood him. She also was upset because she was thinking about why he had

ye because of the account name, 'Military Soul'. That was interesting, and Leena confirmed the request immediately, without any hesitation. She had many friends on QQ, but none of them were related to the military in any way. She wasn't sure whether her new friend was a real soldier or not, but it didn't matter. She thought that she could delete him any time if he ever bothered her.

Leena then clicked on the personal information page. She did't understand. The account was opened only two days ago? There was nothing else useful there, and Leena only found out that the account belonged to a man. It seemed that she had met a rookie, because he didn't even have a QZone, but she still could have fun, if that was indeed the case. She then noticed that he was offline, but it all made sense, because a real soldier was in bed, and nowhere near a computer at that late hour of the night. Leena then forgot about her new friend and kept browsing the websites that she fancied the most. She deliberately ignored her other messages, because she knew that there were probably more saucy jokes about her and Kevin. Lying in the bed like an idle kitten, Leena decided not to think about anything that would disturb her peace of mind and just have fun instead.

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