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   Chapter 238 Sorry Honey (Part One)

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"I didn't see him do anything while I was there, but I'm not sure if he went through your stuff after I left, " said Mark. He feared that if she knew that her secrets had been exposed to Edward already, she would definitely hesitate on the idea of calling him. He thought that sometimes it was necessary to tell a white lie, for the greater good.

Daisy pouted, and thought, 'What do you mean you are not sure? Oh, it's highly likely that Edward already saw what's written in the newspapers.' Daisy felt more and more nervous when she thought of this, and hoped that Edward didn't read the newspapers. Everything in them displayed her true self, totally uncovered, like her inner self was completely undressed and naked. Every moment when she was not with him, all of her love and feelings towards him and all of her grievances were presented there. She had thought that all of these would never ever come to light, but considering Edward's eagerness to find her at that time, it was impossible for him not to notice them. Daisy's heart throbbed faster and faster when she thought of this.

"Okay, have a good rest, " said Daisy in a faint tone. She then closed her eyes, obviously upset at what was happening. 'Fine. So what if he saw them? I can't do anything about it now anyway. The worst scenario would be that he already knows that I've been loving him in secret all of this time. That's not humiliating! I have done nothing out of the way and I haven't done anything bad. I didn't violate anything, I only wrote about my feelings, ' thought Daisy, trying to convince herself.

"Okay, Colonel, " said Mark. He turned around and left, but Daisy was still a bit flustered. She took out her cellphone and stared at it, hesitating and thinking on what to do next. After she thought for a while, she finally gathered enough courage and determination to do what was right. She realized that running away was not the best solution, because it was just a temporary solution, and that everything would eventually come back to haunt her. Several hours had passed already, and she wasn't as emotional as she was before. Her identity and role as a soldier now told her that she should be rational and she was not supposed to declare him guilty before he gave any explanation.

She slowly turned on her cellphone. Her heart was beating fast and her mind was running, and she didn't know how to describe her feelings in that moment. She loved him, and she was sure that she wanted to hear his attractive and familiar voice, but all of her senses told her that

and she remembered that every time Edward wanted to show their intimacy in public, she would stare at him and immediately scold him, although deep inside her heart, she felt very excited and overjoyed.

When his phone rang, Edward was in the shower, and as soon as he heard the ringtone, he quickly ran out of the bathroom naked, and dripping wet. He grabbed the phone, and when he saw the familiar name that flashed on the screen, he smiled joyfully and brightly, and answered it.

"Hello! Honey, I miss you! I'm so happy that you called!" cried Edward, without asking any sort of questions. He wondered if she truly knew how anxious he was when she didn't answer his calls. He had sent her many text messages, but she hadn't replied to any of them. He even thought that she had decided to completely ignore him, and that he would never see or hear from her ever again. He felt relieved when she called, because it meant that everything would be okay...

"Sorry for that, I didn't notice your calls or messages because of an emergency, " replied Daisy in the plainest voice that she could put on. Both of them didn't mention anything about Jessica, as if nothing had happened. They talked with each other like they usually did.

"Okay, I understand!" said Edward, and with his voice slightly trembling, he asked, "Have you already arrived there? I just want to know if you arrive safe and sound. You should keep me updated from time to time..." Edward didn't just want to talk to her, but also to hold her tight in his arms, and to show her how much he truly loved her and how much he feared losing her, and she would certainly feel how deep and passionate his feelings actually were for her.

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