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   Chapter 237 I Will Meet You At The Hospital (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6176

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He had drunk a lot that time, and had locked himself inside his room for two days. From that day on, he had started to live a decadent life, playing the field and feeding the media with all kinds of juicy stories. He struggled through this to get some attention from his family but failed, and his dissolute lifestyle continued. Now he was again hammered because of family matters, but this time it was different. Luke could see that the young master cared about Mrs. Mu more than he did about his parents, but it seemed that the young master still had a rough road ahead awaiting for him.

Luke knew that Edward was blaming himself for what had happened to Mrs. Mu. In Luke's opinion the young master might not be a good husband but he shouldn't feel guilty for what had happened in Mrs. Mu's childhood. Back then, they didn't know each other, and bore no responsibility to each other.

They arrived, and steadily, Luke parked the car in Edward's garage. He drew a deep breath and then began to help Edward out of car, which was not that hard, because Edward was still conscious.

"Uncle Luke, what happened to my daddy?" asked Justin, worried. Justin noticed the car light when Luke arrived. He ran out of his room and saw his father stumbling on his feet upstairs, supported by Luke.

"Hey, Justin! Don't worry, Mr. Mu just drank a little bit too much tonight. Why are you still up so late?" asked Luke. He frowned, and a trace of concern crossed over his cold face.

"Um! Daddy didn't come back, and I couldn't sleep. How come he's so drunk? Did uncle Duke and the others force him to drink again?" Justin knew that his father was good at drinking, and he hadn't seen his father being drunk not even once. What had happened?

"I don't know, " answered Luke. He thought that it was not his place to tell Justin, and that it would be bette

her last chance to make a phone call.

"Report, Colonel!" Interrupted by a sudden but familiar voice, Daisy looked up and saw Mark standing before her, worn out from the road.

"Oh! You've arrived. How was the trip? Is everything alright?" Daisy put her phone back in her pocket feeling a little embarrassed, as if she had been caught doing something bad.

"Yes, Colonel. Mr. Edward wants you to call him, " said Mark seriously, though his eyes were sparkling mischievously.

"Did you see him?" Daisy had heard from Kevin that Edward went to the base, but she hadn't expected him to stay so long.

"Yes. He seemed sad and tired, and I let him in to have a rest there. He was still in the Family Building when I left there, " said Mark, as he carefully watched Daisy's face. He was sure that something wrong had happened between Daisy and Mr. Edward, or else it would be very hard for him to explain why both of them had started to act so weird all of a sudden. Whatever it was, he didn't mind helping them.

"What? He was in the Family Building? Did he go through my stuff?" Daisy was instantly nervous when she heard Mark's words. It would be so embarrassing if Edward had noticed the newspapers piled up in her study.

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