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   Chapter 236 I Will Meet You At The Hospital (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6142

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"Tom, are you available tomorrow? I'll meet you at the hospital." As soon as he got off the phone with Justin, Edward decided to arrange an appointment with Tom. Tom was an all-around doctor, a recognised authority in medical circles of S City, and to schedule an appointment with him wasn't easy. Sometimes he would decide whether or not to take on a patient according to his moods. In any case, Tom was the equivalent of a rockstar in the medical circles.

"Um! Tomorrow morning would be fine. I'll be waiting." As a doctor who had also taken part in that surgery years ago, Tom knew clearly what the appointment was all about. So many years had passed that even he couldn't guarantee that the surgery still worked. It was best for Edward to take a thorough check-up.

"Okay. Rain, I need you to corner the construction materials market, and control Lin Group's supply in this industry. Do it first thing tomorrow and make sure that no one hears about it. I need to see the results the morning after tomorrow." Edward narrowed his eyes threateningly; if Jessica dared to mess with him and hurt Daisy, then she should also be ready to pay the price. He would return her the favor.

"Got it. Edward, how about the project we're working on with the Lin Group? Should I call it to a halt?" Rain knew immediately that Edward was going to attack. Normally, bullying small or medium enterprises wasn't an option for Edward. Considering that establishing a company was not easy, and that their staff were innocent, Edward always went easy on them. It looked like this time Jessica had really crossed the line. With the supply cut off, the Lin Group would have a rough time, but Edward still showed them some mercy, and left them much leeway in the retail industry.

With a cold sneer, Edward said, "No, keep it. I can play a good game with i

love and attention from his parents during his childhood. Edward rarely saw them. He had been sent abroad to study when he was a child, only to have the company entrusted to him on his return. His parents had decided to take a trip around the world and to leave everything up to him, returning only once to arrange for his wedding.

In the past six years they hadn't come back once, and Edward again lived all by himself like an orphan. Edward and his parents had never spent long periods of time together, and just like Daisy, he had never really felt the warmth and comfort of a family. It was very natural for Edward to defy the marriage arranged by his parents, but unfortunately for Daisy, she had become the victim of his resentment.

Neon lights flashed on and off, making the city look glamorous and alluring in the night. There weren't too many cars on the streets at that hour, and a luxurious Maybach sped on the free road, with Luke inside it, constantly frowning. He had known that this would happen, and he had urged his young master from the start to go home and rest. The last time he had seen his young master get so drunk was when his parents had tricked him to get back home and take over the company.

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