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   Chapter 235 12 Long Years of Love (Part Two)

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"Don't say sorry to me! Daisy is the one you should apologize to, for the 12 years that she has spent loving you and for the fact that you haven't acted like a husband for one day since she married you! When she was pregnant with your baby, you were fooling around with other women; when she was on assignment and risking her life, you were enjoying your comfortable and luxurious life; when she was alone and worried to death by Justin's sickbed, you were squandering your wealth in some club. You've been nothing but cruel to her, Edward!"

Belinda's lips were quivering. She had been dying to yell these words at Edward for a long time. The pent-up anger had almost choked her. Unlike Daisy, she wouldn't bear all the pains silently or give the things she wanted to others.

"12 years? Belinda, be clear. Did Daisy and I meet 12 years ago?" Edward was stunned at Belinda's words. He didn't know that Daisy had loved him for so long until today. He couldn't imagine how she had spent those years when he didn't respond to her love at all, because only a few hours had passed since he lost track of her, and already he felt that he had been emptied, leaving only a shell. She had brought him so many shocks, one bigger than another. He felt that his whole world was crumbling.

"I wish she had never met you. Then she wouldn't have lived only for you, and might have been happier." Belinda reached for the wine before her, and poured it down her throat. The cold liquid slid down to her heart. Her sensory organs prickled. She coughed.

"Slow down!" Duke said. He patted her lightly and wiped her tears with a tissue. He was terrified by her hysteria. Obviously she loved Daisy deeply, to an extent that no one else could imagine.

Edward was astounded, with mixed feelings. Daisy had always loved him, but she had never said so to him. Instead he had known about it via newspapers and oth

t so depressed anymore. Now he would rather believe that Daisy was too busy to charge her phone than accept that she was avoiding him.

"OK. Daddy, I miss you both. Come home soon." Justin said dejectedly. Actually he was smart enough to sense his father's low spirits. He had been together with his father for months. He even took him to his office. He had been familiar with his different tones when he was in different moods. But he wasn't sure whether his current low spirits were because of his mom.

"OK. Noted. Go to sleep." Edward sounded hoarse. He wasn't sure whether it was because he had drunk too much or because he was touched by what Justin had said. For the first time in his life, he felt vulnerable.

"Good night Daddy." Justin hung up and went upstairs. He was full of loneliness. The house was empty and dull without his parents. He sat in front of the computer desk, looking small, solitary as well. His melancholy was inconsistent with his age.

He sat there for a long time. Then looking at the beautiful bouncing icons on the computer screen, he picked up the mouse and started to work on the computer game program that he had come up with recently. The plot was simple and sweet. Most importantly, his daddy and mommy were in it.

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