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   Chapter 233 Letting Go Is Another Kind Of Love (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7863

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"Luke, take me to Sexy World," Edward said. His eyes were still closed. His voice became a little hoarse. He lost his usual charming manner and his soul seemed to have wandered out of his body. It was heartbreaking for anyone to see him like this.

"Mr. Mu, maybe It would be better to go back home and have a good rest," said Luke. He knew once Edward went to Sexy World, he would get himself drunk. So Luke was a little worried about Edward's health.

"Take me to Sexy World. I need to be drunk," said Edward. He took out his cellphone and unlocked the screen. When he saw Daisy's photo on the screen, his heart ached. He smiled bitterly and then dialed a number. He waited for the person to pick up the phone.

"Hello! Edward. What's up?" Duke answered doubtfully. Didn't they meet today already? 'What happened?' Duke wondered.

"Let's have a drink!" said Edward. He leaned against his seat and narrowed his eyes. That look seemed attractive with a touch of decadence.

"A drink? What happened to you?" asked Duke. He glanced at Belinda who had been sleeping from afternoon till now. He had planned to take her out for dinner. Although it was kind of late for dinner, they could still have a midnight snack.

"Yes. Come over! Take Rain and Tom too," said Edward. He rubbed his forehead to ease his headache. 'Jessica, I told you don't irritate me. I didn't expect that you wouldn't listen. That's fine. But you have done such an unforgivable thing to me. It seems that if I don't punish the Lin Group, no one will be held responsible for the agony my wife has suffered today, .' Edward thought.

"Okay See you at Sexy World!" Duke hung up the phone and looked at Belinda, apologetically. He showed a gentle smile which was rare to be seen on his face and walked gracefully over to Belinda. Looking at Duke's charming manner, Belinda was a little scared. 'Is he crazy? I have been tortured by him the whole afternoon, and I can't stand any more sex, ' Belinda thought.

"Honey, we are going to Sexy World tonight, do you want to go with me?" asked Duke. He bent down and lifted a lock of her hair. He circled her hair around his fingers playfully. When he noticed the love marks on her neck, he smiled with satisfaction.

"To the Sexy World? Will Daisy be there?" asked Belinda. She heard that Duke said "Edward" during the call, so she w

s away from me. Did I make a mistake by saying that you're in love?" said Rain with a pretended expression of grievance. He tried to make things brighter with his banter. Edward had been drinking since he got here. But Edward wouldn't tell them what happened, so he could only stay silent.

"Edward, take it slowly. It's not good for your health if you continue drinking like this," said Tom while he reached out his hand trying to put down the glass of wine which Edward was about to drink. He was wondering what happened today to make him drink like this.

"It's okay. I've just drunk a little," said Edward. He pushed Tom's hand away and continued to pour wine into his glass. His sad face made people around him feel perplexed. They were wondering what had troubled him so much.

"Ah! What happened to him?" Duke asked, sitting beside Rain and elbowing his arm.

"I don't know. Why not ask him yourself?" Rain whispered, glancing at Duke with his head down. He had been teased by the cold man's wife just now, so he wanted to vent his anger on Duke. The tense atmosphere between them didn't affect Annie and Belinda who sat beside them. They were having a nice chat.

"Hello, I'm Belinda. I heard that you're Annie, right?" asked Belinda. She liked how quiet Annie was, which made people feel comfortable and want to be close to her.

"Hello, Belinda, I'm Annie, as you seem to know," said Annie. She also liked the cheerful and optimistic personality of Belinda, which reminded her of her younger self. But a man had changed her personality completely.

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