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   Chapter 232 Letting Go Is Another Kind Of Love (Part One)

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"You have something on your mind," said Kevin. He looked at Daisy, who had lowered the back seat and lain on it. He noticed her eyes were red from the start. It was obvious that she had cried. 'What made her so sad? She has almost never cried. She seems to have become more emotional recently. She cried during the military training too. It's good for her to vent her feelings, otherwise these feelings would build up and get in the way,' Kevin thought.

"It's nothing. I'm a little tired from work. Maybe because I'm getting older," replied Daisy mechanically, while looking at the scenery which was passing by quickly outside blankly.

"Daisy, if you're getting old, then I must have one foot in the grave," teased Kevin. He pretended to look angry at her words and shot a stare at her. He was trying to make her less depressed.

"You're not a dying man. What will happen to Leena then, if you pass away? You just got married. Speaking of Leena, did you let her know we're leaving early?" asked Daisy. She seemed more animated thanks to his exaggerated joke. Her face wasn't as pale as it was before, and it appeared she felt better.

"Not yet. I decided to tell her when we arrive safely. How about you? Did you tell Mr. Edward about this? I saw his car driving towards the army base when I left," said Kevin looking at her hesitantly. He was sure that was Edward's car. Because not long after the Maybach passed, another car zoomed by. That must be his bodyguard's car, Kevin thought.

"How's it going between you and Leena? Is it okay to leave her alone at home?" asked Daisy. She purposely changed the subject. She didn't want to open up to him that much. She'd feel embarrassed if she did.

"We get along well. She is not as spoiled as I thought. She manages to surprise me a lot," said Kevin. He knew that Daisy had intentionally changed the topic. But he didn't mind. If she didn't reply to his question, that was because she didn't want to talk about Edward, Kevin thought.

"Oh! Surprise? Surprised by her ability to make trouble or by how stubborn she is?" teased Daisy. She had experienced Leena's obstinate character firsthand. And she wasn't the only one. First Justin, then herself, and finally Belinda. She would constantly pester the person she liked and wouldn't let it go. So every time Justin saw her, he would run off. Thinking of this, Daisy smiled gently.

"Daisy! Do you really think of my wife that way?" asked Kevin. He turned around and looked at Daisy dou

go is another kind of love.

Kevin drove the car in silence. The furrow on his forehead indicated that in his heart, he was not as peaceful as he looked. He knew that Edward, a charming and successful business man, would have a hard time sticking to only one woman. Even if he didn't want another woman, girls would try to use all kinds of ways to attract his attention. He was the prince charming of many girls' hearts, thought Kevin.

The dark green military car hit the expressway. They kept silent, but they were thinking about the same person at the same time. Daisy thought of Edward because she loved him. And Kevin thought of Edward because he loved Daisy. Same guy, different reasons.

"Mr. Mu, are you okay?" As soon as Luke saw Edward come out, he noted how Edward looked, and his greeting was replaced by a phrase of concern. He frowned when he saw Edward's pale face. Why did Mr. Mu look even worse than before he entered the army base? Luke wondered.

"It's nothing. Call someone to drive your car back. I'm a little tired," said Edward while getting into the car and belting himself into the passenger's seat. He closed his eyes before Luke could say anything. He had never felt so tired. Even if he'd worked for two days and two nights consecutively, he would not feel as weary as he did right now.

Luke moved his lips, trying to say something. But he gave up the idea and quickly got into the car. He shot a concerned look to Edward before he started the engine. Mr. Mu was in a deep depression now, and Luke had never seen him like this before. He had always been high-spirited, vigorous and extremely arrogant. But he looked so down now.

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