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   Chapter 231 Daisy I Love You (Part Two)

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More handwriting in another newspaper read, 'Edward, my Edward, do you know how many times I've called your name when I lay on the bed in labor? I don't mind that you didn't show up during my pregnancy. But could you be merciful to me and not let me see this sweet scene of you with another woman on such a special day? Although I have been telling myself that as long as you are happy, I don't mind only having pictures of you. But how much I have hoped that on this special day, you could give a gentle look to comfort me, or a lovely smile to encourage me. But nothing, there is actually nothing from you. You never belong to me. '

Tears rolled down Edward's face. He wondered how much he had missed of her moments of helplessness and fear. She was a great mother who had raised such a considerate and clever son. He had never cried for any reason, but today he couldn't help weeping over her words. 'Daisy, what should I do? Your life was so hard. I'm willing to lose everything, but we can never get these lost moments back. I love you. It's not a spur of the moment thing, or sweet words to please you. I love you because you have moved me so much and I cherish you. My love for you will never change, ' thought Edward.

He picked up another newspaper, his hands trembling. There were bloodstains on it, which shocked him. Panic rose in him when he saw the blood. But on the newspaper, there was a picture of him with a beautiful woman, a popular singer. Her face was angelic and her figure was super hot. In the picture, the woman whispered something in his ear and smiled gracefully. The scene was very sweet. The handwriting on the newspaper made Edward think that she must have tried very hard to write th

an. In fact, her heart was more fragile than other women. But he was the jerk who only caused harm to her.

'Daisy, do you know how much regret I feel now? And my heart wrenched when I saw what you wrote about how you feel about me. Did you do it on purpose? Did you deliberately lay your heart bare, and let me know that you've suffered so much from loving me? You make me uneasy with your sorrow and leave me without giving me a chance for remorse. You've buried me in your sad stories. I can't escape from your sadness and I don't want to.' Edward thought.

Thinking of the newspapers stacked there, he knew there must be many different kinds of reports about him, together with her notes indicating her feelings and love for him. But he lost his courage to continue reading. He feared that he couldn't control himself and would try to find her. He feared more that he was not qualified to love her anymore. He had already broken her heart. He had never felt so ashamed of his past decadent life and he had never felt so irritated with his current noble status. At this moment, he didn't want anything, he only wanted to be with Daisy.

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