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   Chapter 230 Daisy I Love You (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7041

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It was the second time Edward had entered this small but sweet apartment. It felt totally different from the last time he came here. At that time, he was only curious about her. But today, he came here with love and care for her, so he had different feelings when he saw the same scene.

His fingers swept over every object within his reach, and they finally paused on a stack of old newspapers which were well-preserved in the study. He frowned in curiosity and picked one off the stack. Each one was about him. In the photo on the cover, he had a charming and cunning smile, while gently gazing at the popular young model beside him. If he hadn't seen the photo, he never would have even remembered it or the article with it. He was dating a young model at the time, and he booked the whole hotel to hold a birthday party for her, or so the story read.

Edward sneered at the report. It seemed that the media was exaggerating. If he wasn't mistaken, he only booked a floor to hold a small party to celebrate her birthday, rather than the whole hotel. He threw the tabloid down in disgust, But suddenly he noticed there were several handwritten words on the newspaper. He picked it up again and read carefully.

It read 'What a romantic birthday party. But it's not for me. Although that handsome man is my husband, he has never appeared in my world. So he doesn't know that today is my birthday too. When he is celebrating a birthday for another woman, I can only stupidly stare at my son's face, which resembles his. That's the only way to show how much I miss him now. '

There were not many words, but Edward was shocked. He quickly flipped through the newspaper and found the date, it was written four months ago. After knowing this, he eagerly took up the next piece of newspaper and read it. The contents of the newspaper were still about him, but this time, the woman who stood beside him was a different one. And there were still handwritten sentences beside the story.

'Jessica, she is a very beautiful woman with a nice look and attractive figure, which make her every move enticing to men

looks very sad today. This makes me sad too. I wonder what is in these newspapers that can make him so emotional, ' thought Mark.

Edward watched him leave. Then he shifted his focus back to the newspapers. He took out one on the bottom. The newspaper was published years earlier. Because the ink of the handwriting faded a little. But it was still readable and broke his heart.

'The military surgeon told me that I am pregnant. A new life will come into my world. When I saw his picture in the newspaper, I felt very excited. I drove to FX International Group and waited outside in a corner. But when I saw him coming out with a starlet in his arms and was surrounded by journalists, I was desperate. I finally left without hesitation. Maybe he never remembers that there is a Daisy in his world. Then why should I invite insult to myself? '

There were several handwritten sentences in every issue of the newspaper. The sentences were short, but they recorded all her agony and helplessness. She was good at writing, Edward thought. Then he took out another issue carefully. Only then did he realize what a decadent life he had led before. All the photos in these newspapers showed him with different women, while he always remained handsome-looking and vigorous. There was never a trace of depression on his face. Compared to Daisy's sadness and loneliness, he was always very happy and bright.

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