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   Chapter 229 He Really Fell In Love With Her (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5124

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"Mr. Edward? What are you doing here?" Mark asked. He looked at Edward, then at Luke. Because he had lived in Edward's house recently, Luke was not a stranger to him. Luke had a very cold face, even colder than Colonel Daisy. Mark thought.

"Mark, where is the Colonel?" Edward asked and seized Mark's shoulder. He shook him eagerly, like Daisy might appear if Edward just jolted the soldier hard enough.

"Mr. Edward, l - let me go. I'll explain. R - right now I c - can't even speak, " said Mark, struggling with the words. He felt dizzy from all the shaking.

"Okay, but tell me, where is the Colonel?" asked Edward who immediately took back his hands and patted down his hair, embarrassed. He knew he lost his cool again. 'You see! Daisy. I've just lost myself over you for the first time. There are so many things I've done for you for the first time, but you can't see them. Then something happens, and you forget everything that I've done for you and all the love I've given you.' thought Edward.

"Our Colonel has gone to H City with the Major General because of some emergency. It's about an hour by plane. So she didn't get the chance to notify you yet." said Mark He massaged his shoulder which was hurt by Edward shaking him. He wondered what mistakes he had made that would make him suffer this pain.

"What? They went to H CIty? But why?" asked Edward. 'Daisy, are you doing this in order to escape from me? And you go with Kevin. Do you know how miserable I am now?' thought Edward.

"Yes. They are going there

time talking with them here. He wanted to get things done quickly.

Edward looked at Luke, who nodded at him. Then he got in the car. He finally got the chance to get inside the army base after he had waited outside for so long. But he still couldn't see her. He sneered. 'She is playing hide and seek with me. Does she even know this would make me uneasy? Agitate me?' Edward thought.

They went to Daisy's apartment, no snags, no jams. Edward suddenly became nervous. He didn't know why he felt that way. She was not there. What made him so anxious? He wondered. It seemed that he would lose it when he thought of anything connected to her.

"Mr. Edward, please come in." Mark said after he opened the door. He suddenly felt very strange after he said this. This was the Colonel's apartment, so Mr. Edward could be deemed the master of the house. But why was he feeling that he sounded more like the master of this place after he welcomed Edward into the house? Maybe because he was a soldier, and Edward was not?

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