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   Chapter 228 He Really Fell In Love With Her (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5062

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At this moment, Edward knew that he really fell in love with her. He had never experienced such feelings before. His heart wrenched at the feeling -- it was miserable. As he approached the army base his thoughts grew more tangled.

'What if she's not there? Even if she is at the base, what do I do if I'm not allowed in?' thought Edward. Endless questions filled his brain, making him lose his mind. This was unlike the master strategist, the smiling tiger CEO. But business and love are two different beasts.

The car rolled to a stop at the gates of the army base. Looking at the powerful solders standing guard, he never hated who he was as much as today. He suddenly had a thought that it would be wonderful if he were a common soldier, so he wouldn't be kept outside.

He dialed Daisy's number again, but the answer was still the same. Her phone was turned off. He sneered, bitterness clenched his heart. 'Daisy, didn't you promise that you'd trust me under any circumstances? You jumped to conclusions without even giving me a chance to explain. Is it because that you don't care about me at all? Or do you regret the decision you made before?

Daisy, do you know how disappointed I feel when you walked away? You ignore all the love and care I've showed to you. What about the love that we've shared? You are special, different from other women. I really trusted you to keep your promise, that no matter what happens, you would wait for my explanation. But the promise you made couldn't even withstand t

r seen Edward care so much about any woman. But to Mrs. Mu, Mr. Mu seemed to like her very much, almost doting on her. He had done many things which he would never do before. Luke found that Edward really loved her, he was a completely different man from the amorous playboy he used to be.

He knew that Mr. Mu was troubled by Jessica's pregnancy recently. But he was pretty sure that the child in Jessica's belly couldn't be Mr. Mu's. He was involved in Mr. Mu's almost every affair, so he knew who Mr. Mu had been with and when. So he knew well about Edward's private matters.

The screeching of brakes shattered the reverie that Edward and Luke were lost in. They turned their heads to look at the green Humvee which came to a sudden stop. Then they saw Mark quickly got out of the car. Edward was excited and came to life. He was more animated than Luke had ever seen. Was Daisy there? He walked quickly towards the military car. But to his surprise, he didn't see Daisy inside. His heart sank again.

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