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   Chapter 227 Absolutely Mesmerized

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6240

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"Whoa! That can't be true! When did Jessica become so aggressive? Doesn't she know about your mysophobia?" Rain's eyes widened. Everyone who knew Edward knew that it was forbidden to touch his lips. Jessica was really very bold to kiss him like that. She was even clever enough to pick the right moment to let Daisy see it.

"I'm leaving now. Take care of the company for me." Edward hurriedly walked out of the elevator as soon as it stopped at the first floor. He dialed Daisy's number again and again, but her phone was still switched off. He cursed in frustration.

The Humvee sped by on the road in the downtown area. Mark carefully observed Daisy's expression from time to time. He had assumed that he would wait outside the office building of the FX International Group for a while. He didn't expect Daisy to come back so soon. When she returned, she didn't seem as excited as she was when they arrived at the building.

"Colonel, where are we going?" Mark asked. They had passed several intersections already and now, they were faced with three options at the next turn: the army base, Edward's house, and the seaside.

"I want to go to the seaside." She rolled her hollow eyes and sneered to herself. If the picture she saw didn't mean anything, how could anyone explain what she just witnessed?

Edward told her to believe him no matter what. Was this what he wanted her to see? Was she just a joke to him? It seemed that she felt too complacent. Daisy thought that as long as she was close to Edward, he would eventually fall for her. But it all turned out to be a fantasy.

The sea breeze was very gentle today. As if the breeze could sense Daisy's sadness, it swept over her face gently in comfort. She sat alone on a rock as she watched the vast blue ocean. The waves that smelled like seaweeds licked the rocks near the shore. Drops of sea water

ine and leaving the army base. He still couldn't help caring about Daisy. He couldn't forget her completely, not when she had once been deeply rooted in his heart.

Kevin drove downtown quickly, shaking his head helplessly. A luxury Maybach suddenly brushed past his car. Before he realized it, the car had already disappeared. It went by extremely fast. If Kevin wasn't mistaken, it was Edward's car. But why was Edward going to the army base? Wasn't Daisy at the seaside?

Edward was in a state of panic. After he left the FX International Group, he went straight back home. But he didn't find Daisy there. He was like a headless chicken, aimlessly driving around, hoping to find her. But as time passed, he still hadn't gotten any news about her. Her phone was still turned off. He deeply regretted not saving Mark's number in his phone. If he did, he wouldn't be driving around anxiously like this.

Fine! He admitted that in the short time that Daisy had disappeared, he was scared. He feared that Daisy would disappear from his life. He feared that he would lose the chance to enjoy her surprise kiss. He feared living a day without her around. Before he knew it, he had fallen deeply for Daisy. He was absolutely mesmerized by her.

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