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   Chapter 226 Don’t Ever Let Me See You Again

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"Mrs. Mu, did you just arrive, or are you about to leave?" Anna asked as she carried a pile of files in her hands. She almost bumped into Daisy, who had come from the direction of Edward's office.

"Yes, I'm leaving. I have some urgent matters to deal with." Daisy helped Anna gather the files to stop them from falling out of Anna's grasp. She forced a gentle smile that disappeared in an instant.

"Okay. Thank you, Mrs. Mu. Goodbye." Anna always felt excited every time she saw Daisy. She wondered why Daisy was leaving in such a hurry.

Daisy waved goodbye and rushed into the elevator. As soon as the door of the elevator closed, her face became pale. She bit her bottom lip hard, her eyes turning red and filling with tears. She closed her eyes in agony. When she opened them again, she resumed her cold demeanor. She was back to the intimidating ice-cold Colonel once again.

"Jessica Lin, do you want me to kill you?" Edward growled, shoving her away. He hurriedly took a tissue from his desk and wiped his lips. He reserved his lips for Daisy only to kiss. No woman besides Daisy had tasted his lips. He didn't expect Jessica to take advantage of him by forcing a kiss on him.

"Sorry, Edward. I didn't know what I was doing, it was a spur of the moment! I didn't plan to kiss you," Jessica said hurriedly as she tried to keep her balance. She looked at Edward with grievance. He was madly wiping his lips like she had caught a contagious disease. She didn't want to irritate him, but she got so emotional that she unconsciously kissed his lips and offended him. Kissing was taboo for Edward. She was very curious who had the privilege to kiss his lips. When she used to have sex with him, no matter how passionate they were, she was never able to kiss his lips. It was forbidden. She was free to kiss anywhere else on his body. But for his lips, she didn't dare intrude into the forbidden zone.

"Get out! Don't ever let me see you again!" Edward howled with fury. He looked fiercely at her, as if he were about to kill her. His thin lips

But why did Daisy also leave in such a hurry? Are you two playing some sort of game?" Rain asked with a playful smile. He looked at Edward's sullen face. He always enjoyed challenging Edward, who looked like a furious lion when he got angry.

At Rain's words, Edward turned around and seized Rain's shoulder tightly. "Did you see Daisy? Did you notice anything strange about her?" Rain felt a sharp pain on his already sore shoulder. Now, Edward's grip made it even worse.

"Ugh, are you trying to kill me? I didn't notice anything wrong with Daisy. She looked cool in her uniform!" Rain replied. He gritted his teeth and broke free from Edward's grasp, keeping a safe distance from Edward warily.

"Did she say anything?" Edward asked. He felt at a loss with what to do next. Since he didn't expect Jessica to suddenly kiss him, he was shocked into silence for several seconds before he pushed her away. Daisy must've seen this and misunderstood the situation.

"She said that she had some urgent things to deal with. Did anything happen between you two?" His urge to gossip surfaced. He looked at Edward eagerly. It looked like an interesting story.

"Yes! She might have seen Jessica kissing me!" Edward replied. He stared anxiously at the flashing numbers on the elevator panel. Not wanting to hide it from Rain this time, Edward satisfied his curious nature.

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