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   Chapter 225 Stay Away From Her (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4696

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"I'm very busy. I'm sorry, but I can't accept Mr. Lin's warm invitation. Please send my sincere apology to your father. As for Miss Coco's event, I don't plan to compromise. So I don't see any point in seeing her." Edward sneered as he glanced at her gentle smile. He looked haughty and aggressive.

"Edward, aren't you afraid that Coco will disclose the news that you abandoned me during the next press conference?" Jessica asked. She didn't want to resort to using the press conference, but Edward had pushed her. If Edward hadn't been so decisive about breaking up with her that night in the bar, she wouldn't have thought about using the media to achieve her goal.

"Do whatever you want. Everybody has known that I abandoned you even three months ago. I will lose nothing if you want me to declare it again in the public." Abandoned her? Women were like pieces of clothing to Edward. He had given Jessica special treatment for so many years, but enough is enough. If she accused him of abandoning her, she would only become a laugh stock in everyone's eyes.

"Are you sure? What if Daisy Ouyang finds out that I'm pregnant with your child?" Jessica tried again. She was still bitter that Daisy had hung up on her. She had planned to tell her the striking news to vent out her anger, but she didn't expect the phone call to end like that. No matter what, she needed to take this opportunity to make

ut the appearance, what makes you feel so confident that you're better than her? She's the most beautiful woman in my eyes. You'd better not doubt me. I really don't want to see all the employees of the Lin Group lose their jobs." Edward shot her down with a sneer. Because he was still in a rage, he didn't stop to think about Jessica's words. If he had taken a second thought, he would notice that Jessica already knew how Daisy looked like, or she wouldn't say she was better looking.

"No, this can't be happening. You can't say such things to me! I'm the woman you love the most!" Jessica flung herself onto Edward's body and held his waist, simultaneously stealing kiss from Edward's lips. They were both unaware that someone was peeking into the office through the gap of the half-open door and happened to see the intimate scene. The woman paused in pushing the door open before she turned around and left without hesitation.

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