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   Chapter 224 Stay Away From Her (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5612

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The evening sky was bathed in a colorful glow. The soft light shone magnificently. The light penetrated into the car windows and covered Daisy, adding splendor to her demeanor and making her look calm and dignified.

"Colonel, are we going straight back?" Mark asked hesitantly, looking at Daisy through the rearview mirror. Since Daisy's arm got hurt, he had moved to Edward's cottage to act as Daisy's driver. Since he was her accompanying officer, there was nothing inappropriate about the arrangement.

"Hmm... Drive me to the FX International Group first, " said Daisy. She got off work early today, so she decided to take this chance to have a romantic date with Edward. The military exercises would start the day after tomorrow, so they wouldn't see each other for quite a long time.

"Okay, Colonel, " Mark smiled in understanding. He got accustomed to seeing her and Edward being affectionate with each other these past few days, so her instruction wasn't surprising.

Daisy continued to read through the files in her hands. She was a very gentle woman in private. But to outsiders, her aloofness was beautiful but intimidating. At first, she deliberately avoided Edward. But now, she could get along with him easily. She didn't want to make her feelings for him seem too obvious. But she felt it was now necessary to let Edward see her love for him.

The top-notch Humvee drove quickly on the wide road of the suburbs. Meanwhile, on the top floor of FX International Group, a special guest had arrived. Every time she came over, she would make a big fuss.

"Sir, Jessica Lin is here. She wants to meet with you and talk about work." Anna knew that the Lin Group

ck to your work first." Since Jessica had barged in, it was impossible for Anna to make her leave now.

Jessica raised her eyebrows at Anna smugly. She knew that Edward wouldn't do anything to her, so she went in without permission. She used to have the green light to enter this office at any time. Now, she was asked to wait outside for confirmation. How could she bear the pitiful looks that everyone gave her?

Anna ignored Jessica's pompous actions and walked out. Without knowing it, she inadvertently left the office without fully closing the door. She went straight back to her work.

"Go ahead! What's the matter this time? Don't mention the child to me again. I've made it clear many times that the child isn't mine." Edward didn't even look at her. A touch of irritation was clearly visible in his eyes.

"Don't worry, Edward. It's not about the child. My father wants to invite you to dinner. He will also ask Coco to come. This way, you can sit down and resolve the tension between you two." Jessica didn't mind Edward's cold attitude towards her. She had multiple ways to have him warm up to her.

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