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   Chapter 223 You Are Pushing It

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5275

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While Edward was dealing with his crisis step by step, things about Duke were another story to tell. Belinda remained silent and peaceful on their way home, but she threw up the instant she got off the car. There was vomit all over Duke and her, which almost drove him crazy.

After he carried Belinda to the dinning room and placed her on the couch, Duke took off his dirty clothes and threw them in the laundry basket. When he saw her, he concluded that he had no choice but to take Belinda to the bathroom, even though he hated to do it. With his hands trembling, Duke untied her well-cut suit covered in vomit. He almost threw up himself while he was in the middle of it, but he duly gritted his teeth and eventually managed to take them off.

"Stay still!" said Duke. He gripped her slim arms, which were flailing in all directions, and he felt a warm current coursing throughout his whole body as he saw her naked ample bosom.

"Wow! Duke, I see you better." Belinda began to get sober and tried to loosen Duke's grip on her.

"Take a shower first. You just threw up, " he said. Duke's mouth corners twitched to a smile when he began to realize that he, usually such an aloof and indifferent person, was actually coaxing a drunk woman in the most tender way. This was the first time Duke learned that it paid off to be considerable and patient.

"No! No shower! I want to sleep. Oh, my head is throbbing... Shush! Be quiet! I'm tired..." Belinda began to lean her whole body on Duke, almost knocking him to the floor.

Duke then understood what Edward had meant be

wined her legs around Duke's waist, and looked at him with blurred eyes.

Belinda was very much a firm woman of decision and action, and had decided to chase after Duke the moment she felt an interest in him. Belinda was determined to own the man she fell in love with, and realized that she didn't care about his past girlfriend; she was willing to pay everything to get him.

"You started it!" Duke turned off the shower head and took her outside the bathroom, not even bothering to dry themselves up.

The warm afternoon light flooded the stuffy room filled with moans.

Belinda didn't expect that her another close contact with Duke would be like this. Sometimes it's hard to resist your desires and emotions, and you just follow them instead.

Duke regarded himself as a rational and cool headed man, but Belinda was much too great of a temptation to resist.

He had to admit that she was very special to him. If it had been someone else instead of her, he would have never felt the overpowering sexual urge, and would have just left.

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