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   Chapter 222 Too Much to Let Go

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"I asked around already, she did all of it in secret. The media and press she invited are all tied to other companies. I heard that she only alerted the entertainment journalists half an hour before the live conference started. Since she has always been a low-key artist, they rarely have a chance to interview her, so as soon as she announced the press conference, they made it live. From what I heard, that was also Coco's own request." Aaron stared intently at the computer screen, and feared that Coco might bring up some difficult topics that they couldn't properly deal with.

"Okay, leave her alone for the time being, let's see what she's going to say first; then we'll deal with the problems one by one in public." Edward was speeding through the city, and his expression grew even more perplexed by each passing moment.

"Yes, Mr. Edward. I've asked the administration of our entertainment company to take the necessary actions. I also sent people to the conference to keep a close eye on things." This was the most important reason that Edward highly valued Aaron Qiao. He was always able to calmly and steadily take all the necessary precautions when Edward was not in the office.

"Good! I'm on my way to the company right now. We'll talk about solutions later." Edward stepped harder on the throttle, with only a sarcastic smirk on his face.

He found it funny that people could underestimate him so much just because he had been quiet in the media for a while. Somehow they were able to set up a live press conference for his artist without his permission, and he was surprised at the people's boldness. Now that they had openly stood against him, he would like to find out which entertainment magazines were involved in this. He promised to himself that he'd bring their business to a new level, only it would be a level on which they couldn't afford to get on. Edward wondered if they had forgotten that he was the smiling tiger. He loved to destroy his opponents while talking and laughing with them.

"Mr. Edward, you're back!" The moment Edward arrived on the top f

e appeared on his face when he saw her picture, and deep down in his heart, a soft spot slowly melted. He hoped that Daisy would always make him falter like this. He had put in too much to let her go.

He then spontaneously dialed the all too familiar number. All he wanted to hear was her voice, and he wanted to make sure that she was the only woman who could change his mood.

"Oh, hi, Mr. Mu. This is Mark Du. The colonel's in a meeting. She can't come to the phone right now. Do you have something urgent to say to her?" Because of the 'Husband' name flashing on Daisy's phone, Mark knew immediately that Edward was calling.

"Oh! No, nothing urgent. I'll call later then!" Edward was disappointed that he didn't get to hear the voice he wanted. It seemed that she really was busy. Exercises first, and then the meetings. They were living in time of peace, so why she had to work so hard?

"Okay, Mr. Mu, goodbye. Oh, should I ask the colonel to call you back?" Mark liked the way Edward handled things because he never acted like a haughty and blistering rich guy.

"No need. Thanks, bye!" Edward then ended the call, defeated, and smiled bitterly. He stared for a moment longer at the cold yet beautiful face in the picture on his phone before he went back to the pile of documents that never seemed to reduce. Apparently, not everything could always be according to his will.

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