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   Chapter 221 Drunk Women Are Especially Passionate

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"What? She's also here?" Duke then immediately stood up when he heard the news and darted out the door. He truly cherished Belinda, even though he had not been aware of it himself.

Belinda threw her phone on the table and kept filling her glass up. Her bright eyes were now muddled because of the alcohol, and the more she drank, the more upset she grew. Belinda had never been attracted to any man before, let alone care about one, but at that point, she was also surprised at how much she wanted Duke just for herself.

She smiled bitterly as she was about to down another glass, but then someone swooped in and took the drink away from her. Her slightly reddened eyes looked up at the big hand holding her glass, and when she saw Duke's stern, yet handsome face, she started to laugh immediately.

"Haha! Duke, one really can hallucinate when she's drunk." Belinda gently shook her head and then waved her hands in front of her eyes, trying to get rid of the figure she thought was only in her head. She did not believe that what she saw in front of her was real.

"Why did you drink so much?" Duke furrowed his eyebrows and caught her waving hands, and then sat down and pulled her into his arms.

"You... Who are you? Go away! Don't touch me, I'm married!" Belinda strenuously struggled in his embrace, but what she said gave Duke a smile. He didn't expect that she, even intoxicated, would ever admit to the fact which she never wanted to admit, that they were already married. It seemed to him that she was not entirely against their marriage after all!

"It's me, Duke Leng, calm down!" Duke held the restless woman, and another bitter smile appeared on his austere face. He gave her a kiss on the top of her head, and gently patted her shivering back with his large hand.

As soon as Belinda heard his arresting voice, she became quiet and stopped struggling. She leaned deeper into his warm embrace, as if she suddenly found a piece of drift wood while floating in the sea. She clut


"But Mr. Mu, what about you?" Luke looked at him apprehensively, because he honestly worried about Edward's current state, and whether he could actually drive himself back to the company.

"Relax! Everything's fine. I'm off now." Edward waved at him and then got inside his car. Before he could start the engine, a call came in.

"Hello! Aaron, what is it?" Edward put the phone to his ear and started the car.

"Mr. Edwards, bad news. Coco is holding a live press conference." Aaron nervously watched the live stream on the computer as he hastily reported.

"What? Who gave her the right to do that? And why didn't our media sources get the news first? She's an artist on our roster! How can she hold a press conference without going through the company's approval?" Edward then forcefully grabbed the steering wheel and shouted in the phone. His eyes were filled with anger, and on his face there wasn't a trace left of his usual politeness and class; instead, there was a devilish and evil fire burning from deep inside him.

'Coco, Coco, you're really taking yourself seriously. Do you really think you're irreplaceable in my entertainment company? Alright, if you like to bring up your scandals so much to the public, then I'll satisfy your desire for shame and fame. My company can do just as well without you.'

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