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   Chapter 220 He Belongs to Me

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Daisy trotted off the training field, with her face dripping with sweat. Her sweat-soaked camouflage combat clothes clung to her body, and she looked strong, bright, and brave.

Mark came up to her with her phone in his hand, which had already rung for several times. He said, "Colonel, you are wanted on the phone."

"Thanks." Daisy took the phone and checked the caller ID. It was Belinda, who seldom called Daisy at that hour of the day. She wondered why, and called her back.

"Hi, Belinda, what's up?" While Daisy was speaking on the phone, Mark handed a towel to her. She took it and started to wipe her face, while her eyes were still fixed on the soldiers doing their exercises on the training field.

"Do I need a reason to call you? ..." Belinda sounded hoarse and spiritless.

"Belinda, have you been drinking?" Daisy gave Mark the towel back, gestured to the other officers on the field, and then went to her office to speak with Belinda privately.

"Yes, I drank a little, but I'm not drunk yet." Belinda patted her chest to assure Daisy she was telling the truth, as if she was afraid that Daisy wouldn't believe her.

"Why are you drinking at noon? Where's Duke? Aren't you two together?" Daisy was a little worried about her, but she was caught in a big dilemma, because she had to stay at the military base.

"Don't mention him to me! Maybe he's on a date with his ex-girlfriend." Belinda poured one more glass of wine, and realized that she had strong feelings for Duke. That was why she felt so mad and sad when he let go of her hand earlier in the day.

"What ex-girlfriend? Belinda, are you sure that you aren't drunk? Where are you? I'll send someone over to pick

en busy with lately?" Edward checked the time and winced.

"Oh, I've just finished training, and I'm going to shower before lunch." When lunch was ready in the canteen, Daisy was busy reading the files in her office, and then she had to go to monitor the training. When she spoke with Edward, it had been long past lunchtime. The soldiers had been working hard. Even lunch breaks had been used to practice using equipment and weapons.

"You go to eat something. We're going to find Belinda now, but don't exhaust yourself. Okay?" Edward was getting more and more worried about Daisy's health, because her meals were often delayed. How could her stomach handle the effort?

"Okay, don't worry. I'll take good care of myself. Bye." Daisy smiled. 'Jessica, this man belongs to me. All the things you did will only make me want to be closer to him. I won't be fooled by your words.'

"Duke, Daisy said that Belinda is here in the Misty Rain Box, and that she's drunk. Go and find her." Edward raised his eyebrows and looked at Duke. 'Duke and Belinda even picked the same restaurant. They are meant to be together, ' he thought.

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