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   Chapter 219 She Will Say It's Yours

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"To do my work, I have to eat first, " he said. Rain grinned, and leaned on the chair as he touched his dazzling purple stud, which was his signature move.

"Why do you want to drink at this hour?" Edward poured himself a glass of water and drank it in one gulp. Then he turned to look at Duke, who felt dejected.

"Rachel Qin is back, " said Duke. He sipped some more wine from the glass he had been holding, and it permeated his mouth.

"What? Rachel Qin? When did you see her? Do you still think of her after so many years?" Edward frowned, and thought, 'Didn't she marry a rich foreign merchant? Why is she here? And right after Duke got married?'

"I told you already that I didn't love her anymore. How could I even think of her?" It had been painful for Duke at first, but as time went by, Rachel Qin's image in his memory had become vague, and eventually he didn't think of her at all. He wouldn't even have remembered her if she hadn't turned up so suddenly today.

"Then why are you so dejected?" Edward had never liked Rachel Qin because he had never thought that she was Duke's type in the first place. He didn't see it as a big deal at first, but after she left him, Duke's more and more decadent lifestyle started to worry him. He eventually calmed down when he saw that Duke slowly started to come back to his normal self.

"The thing is, Belinda saw her and she ran away. I think she misunderstood the whole thing." It hurt when Duke thought of the moment when Belinda left him hanging.

"What? Why didn't you follow her? Why are you here drinking?" Edward's brows knitted tightly. He thought, 'It has been eventful lately. Troubles are springing out one after another.'

impossible for you to be the father of her baby?" Rain became serious and sneered.

"I told her, but she's sure that the baby is mine, so I'm worried that things might change." Edward didn't want to hide things from Duke and Rain. Although they loved jeering at each other, they also discussed important matters together.

"No way! It's a one-in-ten-thousand possibility that that could happen!" Duke always spoke the truth and avoided speaking of things he didn't know about.

"Hard to say. Boss, you'd better have a physical examination in the hospital. The consequences can be serious." Rain meant what he said. He knew how serious the matter was.

"You're right! That's what I'm thinking. Keep it from Daisy for me. She might overthink it." Edward lifted his eyes. He had made the mess in the first place, and he would fix it as soon as possible. He didn't want to affect Daisy's performance during the war game.

"Don't worry! We know how important this is." Duke then poured another glass of wine down his throat, and the other two men were also racing who could drink faster, as if they were trying to get hammered.

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