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   Chapter 218 It's Mary

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"Um, obviously, you two want to catch up on things, and I won't disturb you. I'm leaving." Belinda then felt a slight twinge of sadness in her nose. She didn't want to hear their conversation and be ignored anymore.

"Where are you going?" Duke grasped Belinda's arm quickly, looking flurried. 'Damn! How did I neglect Belinda?' he thought.

"I'm hungry, I'm going somewhere to eat. You two carry on. Don't mind me." Belinda smiled magnanimously. She had just asked him whether he had ever loved someone deeply, and now his beloved one turned up. Studying the expression painted on Duke's face, Belinda didn't believe for a moment that Rachel Qin was just a casual passer-by in his life. He might still have feelings for her.

"Belinda, what's that supposed to mean?" Duke's face quickly turned solemn. He glared at Belinda, and thought, 'How could she push me to another woman so generously?'

"It means that you two seem to have a lot to catch up. I'm excusing myself so that you can say whatever you want to say." Belinda sneered, and thought, 'He let go of my hand when he saw the woman. Apparently, he didn't want her to know that we're together. So as he wishes, I leave. They can do whatever they want.'

"I have nothing to say to her. Let's go to another place, " he said. Duke then dragged Belinda out of the restaurant without looking again at Rachel Qin. The two women hadn't even been introduced to each other.

"Duke, Duke, ..." Rachel ran up to them, and thought, 'Who is that woman? She can't be his wife, because according to my inquiries, Duke isn't married. That means I still have a chance to win him over!'

"Won't you wait for her?" asked Belinda. She looked back at Rachel Qin and then glimpsed at Duke, who was furious. 'Does he really have to run away from her like this?' she wondered.

"Shut up, woman! Don't anger me!" Duke turned to glare at her, and wondered, 'Is she actually so generous, or is it because she doesn't care about me at all? What kind of woman would push her own husband to someone else?'

"It wasn't me who angered you, as far as I can see, " she said. Belinda provoked him even further. Duke was irritated the moment he saw the woman, and had flared up because the woman had laid bare his mind with one single penetrating remark. 'Does he still love her?' she thought.

"If this is what you really want,

They really are ignoring Daisy, ' he thought. Mary had invited him so many times, but hadn't mentioned Daisy's name even once. It seemed that they had disowned her. It was fine with Edward, because his woman didn't need anybody else's concern but his.

The noon sunshine was scorching the land, and heat waves rushed at Edward's face. He stopped at the entrance of the FX International Group to take a deep breath and then walked toward the Maybach Luke had prepared for him. He got in the car as soon as he could, because his skin had already started to sting. Summer was excruciating for him to bear.

The same old place Duke and Edward had mentioned was a Western restaurant they often patronized. It was called Tender Whispers, which sounded like a coffee house. With its elegant and fancy decor and exotic atmosphere, it was an ideal place for lovers and people seeking a place to relax.

Edward walked in the box and was surprised to see Rain there. 'Rain is here. And he arrived here even earlier than I did. Has he finished his work yet?' he wondered.

"You have such a short distance to travel but you're still late. Isn't it obvious that you did it on purpose?" asked Rain. He had never known how to restrain his provocative personality, and that was why he was often bullied by Edward.

"Why are you here? Have you finished your work?" Edward glanced at Rain and sat down. He knew that Rain couldn't stay long in his office, so he hadn't expected him to finish reading all of the development plans. He asked Rain to take all the pressure for him in a huff.

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