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   Chapter 217 Rachel Qin

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"Do you fear me?" This was Duke: when he was tender, one couldn't believe those words would come out of his mouth; when he was cold, one could feel the chill meters away.

"Why should I fear you? What are you going to do? Eat me?" Belinda said and raised her eyebrows carelessly. Duke was overbearing, but he didn't scare her. As time went by, Belinda got to know his temperament and found that he was not difficult as long as you didn't push him too far.

"Honey, it sounds that you want me to 'eat' you. How about coming to my villa tonight?" Instead of his icy face, Duke put on a naughty grin and got closer to Belinda.

"Go away! Who wants to be eaten by you? And who will go to your villa with you? I'm not stupid!" Belinda's sweetness turned into a hot temper. She wouldn't let anybody take advantage of her.

"However, you're not in charge." Duke dismissed Belinda's remarks. Nobody could avoid Duke. He would get what he wanted.

"Huh! You think I'm scared? Nobody threatens me." Belinda played with his tie. Her face was full of happiness.

"OK. We'll see." Duke sounded reassured. Absorbed in Belinda's beautiful smiling face, his heart softened.

"You can't be serious!" Belinda got nervous, for she knew very well what he had meant by going to his villa.

"I'm hungry. Let's go and grab a bite." Duke changed the subject, a faint smile lingering at the corners of his mouth.

Belinda checked the time and agreed reluctantly. Her whole morning had been wasted. She didn't know what to do with the files piled up on her desk.

"Duke, I haven't finished reading the files yet and it is because of you, so you have to help me with them after lunch." Duke had spare time to hang around every day while Belinda had to bury herself in work. She envied him.

"Do you mean that?" Duke was about to leave when he heard Belinda's words. He stopped.

"Yes. I got dizzy from reading the files. I hope I can read magazines leisurely on the sofa like you do." Belinda was the only child in her family, so she had to take over the family business. She hadn't dreamed of becoming a businesswoman. She just wanted to be gentle and soft, and be loved by someone who

me. After all, he loved me so fiercely.'

"I'm sorry, Miss Qin. I don't want to talk about the past. I don't remember anything either." Duke sounded indifferent and distant. The nervousness was gone. He had imagined that it would be painful to see her again, but it wasn't. The truth was, he felt nothing. Time is the best medicine.

When Duke let go of Belinda's hand, sadness engulfed her. She didn't know why and wondered if she had fallen for Duke.

"Duke, I had no choice back then. Now I'm back, for you, because I've always loved you. You feel the same way about me, right?" Rachel Qin bit her lip, about to cry. She was giddy with anticipation.

"Rachel Qin, you think you're that important? Maybe, several years ago, I might trust you. But now I don't. You are no more than a shadow to me."

Duke got excited. His voice rose by a few decibels, and he looked grim. His icy eyes were fixed on the pretentious woman in front of him. 'When you didn't want me, you treated me like crap; now when you want me again, you come back and tell me you love me. How stupid do you think I am?'

"Duke, it's not what you think. You won't forgive me because I hurt you too deeply, right?" Actually, Rachel Qin had noticed Belinda, but she had chosen to ignore her. Years ago, Duke was obsessed with Rachel, so Rachel didn't believe he could forget her and fall in love with another woman. She was positive that she could make Duke love her again.

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