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   Chapter 216 Have You Ever Loved Someone

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"Duke, you are unbelievable! Yes, Leena is married. It's not the end of the world. How long are you going to stay here? I've got a ton of work to do. C'mon. Just let it go." Belinda exploded with anger. All morning he had been sitting there brooding. And he still hadn't gotten over losing his sister to another guy. Or at least that's how she saw it. He was exaggerating!

"I haven't said a word yet. I see no reason why you should feel disturbed. Why do you care how long I will stay?" Duke said, without looking at Belinda. He was still flipping the magazine in his hands.

"You haven't spoken, but the very air feels oppressed. You're sitting there like a Buddha statue! If I sit in your office and look at you every few seconds, you'd feel weird too." Belinda rolled her eyes. If he was really upset, Duke could go find that man, have a fight, settle it once for all! What was the point of just sitting here and sulking? And worse, instead of his own company, he chose to sit in her office. What on earth was he thinking?

"Um! Good advice. How about you come to my office and watch me at work this afternoon. So I can have a taste of this pressure." Duke seemed accustomed to Belinda's anger; He didn't move even an inch.

"You really think I have nothing better to do? I've got so much work piled up. Why would I waste time watching you work? Plus, it's not worth my time to look at you." Belinda glowered at him. She wished she could just throw this man back to his own office, then she could focus on her work.

"It's not worth your time? Say that again!" Duke narrowed his eyes and stared coldly at the defiant woman sitting opposite him.

"It's truly not worth my time. I'm afraid your poker face will ru

face redden a little. She felt fondness well up in her chest.

For the first time Belinda was captivated by him. Compared with the cold Duke, this one was more appealing and touched her heart easily. She couldn't help getting close to him.

"See? This is what I want to do here." Duke said. A slight curve formed on his lower lip; the usual coldness suddenly melted away and his face was covered with a gentle warm light. In a daze Belinda overlooked the naughty implication in his words. As her hand touched his tight frown, a faint ache suddenly came to Belinda's heart and spread slowly over her body.

"Have you ever loved someone?" Belinda blinked and gazed into Duke's eyes intently, curious about what she would hear.

"If I say no, would you believe it?" A pretty face flashed through Duke's mind, but soon he shook the image away from his mind. Their paths would never cross.

"I don't believe it. Your face tells me there's a story there. You always put on a poker face, trying to push everyone away." Clearly Belinda didn't buy what he said. Something must have happened in his past to cause this cold and intimidating manner.

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