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   Chapter 215 Were You Throwing Shade At Me (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4617

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It was early in the morning. He had enough time to tidy himself up, and made some breakfast. After breakfast, Kevin went back to their bedroom and changed into his uniform. Leena was still sleeping. He left her a note on the nightstand and tenderly kissed her forehead before leaving for the army base. It was quite a drive from his downtown apartment to the army base; he had to leave early so he wouldn't be late.

It was almost noon when Leena finally got up. She rubbed her eyes lazily and yawned. 'Where am I? It doesn't look like my room. When did I fall asleep last night?' Leena paused for a while, memories were gradually coming back to her; she remembered that she was in Kevin's apartment. Speaking of which, where was Kevin? Did he sleep here last night?

She didn't remember anything. Leena scratched her head and gazed at the other side of the bed. It was empty; but the sheet was rumpled. She noticed there was a note on the nightstand and reached for it. Kevin's handwriting was as manly as his character.

It read, 'Leena, I'm off to the army base. Breakfast's on the table; have some when you're up. Call me if you need anything. Love, Kevin.'

It was sweet, especially the sign off. Leena looked at the note again and fixed her eyes on the words 'Love, Kevin'. Her heart was pounding; she knew she was blushing again. To be honest, she wasn't fully prepared

ends throwing shade at me?" Kevin recalled the dozens of message boxes. He suddenly had a really bad feeling. What were they talking about last night? Was it about him?

"No, I told you it's nothing. Besides, why should I even talk about you?" Leena was getting goose bumps. He was surprisingly observant in some cases. It really freaked her out.

"That's good. Go finish your breakfast. I have to go; I'm really busy right now." Kevin didn't believe Leena. But whatever she had talked to her friends about, it was private; he wouldn't force her to tell him if she didn't want to share.

"Okay. See you later." Leena hung up quickly. That was close! She patted her chest and took a deep breath to calm down. She was afraid that he would keep asking until he got the answer. He said he didn't see anything, and she believed him. Leena threw her phone aside and stretched lazily. It was about time to start her day.

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