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   Chapter 214 Were You Throwing Shade At Me (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5913

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Kevin watched Leena disappear behind the bathroom door; he shook his head with a small smile. 'Such an interesting little girl.' Kevin thought to himself. He then walked towards the study. Didn't she know that he would get a perfect view of her body when she was running? It turned out that married life would have more fun than he thought.

Inside the bathroom, Leena looked in the mirror and held her burning cheeks. "So humiliating!" she muttered in remorse. It was only a naked man. Big deal! But it was still so embarrassing. How could she walk out and face him again afterwards? Leena looked around and suddenly realized she didn't bring any clothes in.

She pulled the door slightly open, and warily peeked through the crack. It seemed that Kevin had gone. She sighed in relief and discreetly moved a few steps forward. When she was sure that Kevin was no longer in the room, she darted towards the closet, grabbed her underwear and pajamas, dashed back to the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Her heart was pounding fast as she did all these.

Leena felt calm and collected after a hot bath. When she emerged from the bathroom again, she was in her pajamas. She glanced around the bedroom and felt relieved; it would be her new home from now on. No matter what happened, she had to get used to her new life as soon as possible. She was not the spoiled little princess in the Leng family, but a woman married to a military officer. She could no longer do whatever she felt like doing -- her actions had consequences now.

Her heart started beating when she saw the huge bed. Kevin said it was his bedroom as well. 'Does that mean we'll have to share a bed?' Leena wondered, her face blushing again. Though they slept together once, she was drunk; she

intention to spy on her chat history; he just wanted to know about her QQ account.

As soon as he clicked, dozens of message boxes popped up. Kevin was stunned. How many people did she talk to at the same time? Could she handle them all? Fashion news websites, TV show and chatting with a bunch of different people all at the same time? That was truly impressive.

Kevin's face twitched. 'She is indeed a social queen.' He thought to himself. Ignoring all the unread messages, he memorized her QQ account number and instantly turned off the laptop without any sort of hesitation.

Kevin looked at Leena again and lay down on the other side of the bed. He thought he would be having trouble sharing a bed with others, but instead he fell asleep easily. It was already morning when he woke up. Kevin slightly shifted his body and noticed that Leena, who was still sound asleep, was holding his waist as if he were a huge stuffed animal. He stared blankly at her for a while before he remembered that he was married, and that girl in his arms was his wife. They just spent their first night together as a couple. He gently removed her hands from his waist and got out of bed.

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