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   Chapter 212 Are You Mad at Me

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7238

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"Justin, isn't your daddy good and loving to you, too? He has always been nice to you, right?" Leaning casually against the door, Edward folded his arms and smiled at his wife and son. He felt so happy and relieved to see them. They were the only people he needed right now.

"Daddy! You're home! Why didn't you bring me to the seaside with you? I would have loved to be there with you!" Justin jumped off from her mother's lap and dashed towards Edward in excitement. It seemed he had totally forgotten that he was holding a grudge against his father. The mere appearance of his father gave him so much joy.

"The seaside? Do you want to go there again?" Edward slightly frowned while lifting Justin's warm little body up to his arms. He could still recall what happened last time they went to the seaside. Why not go somewhere else for a change? 'But it's different this time, ' Edward thought to himself, 'since the three of us will go as a family. That would be a happy trip, no doubt!' Edward was suddenly delighted by the idea.

"Yes! Daddy, can we bring mommy next time? So that we will be a complete family!" Putting on a sweet and cheerful smile, Justin played with Edward's tie and looked into his eyes like a little puppy begging for food.

"Then we'll have to ask mommy about it. That's not my decision to make." Ever since the moment he walked in, Edward had been gazing at Daisy affectionately. He missed her so much.

"Come on. Let's go have dinner first. I'm starving." Daisy looked away, trying hard not to make eye contact with him. She didn't even say a thing about the trip the father and son were already planning. She simply tucked her hair behind her ears and walked towards the door. She didn't know what to think or what to say. She couldn't even look at Edward straight in the eyes, for fear that she would break down and cry. Daisy told herself that she didn't care at all what Jessica had showed her, but in fact her mind had been running circles on her.

"Justin, you go first." Edward lovingly patted Justin's little butt and put him down.

"Okay, daddy! But don't make me wait too long. I'm hungry already!" Justin looked at b

one day she just walked into his life, and he started caring about her like never before. It was really a change of heart for him.

Annoyed by how reckless he had been, Edward gently bit Daisy's lip before he let go of her. Her rosy lips were already wet and slightly swollen because of his deep kiss, and her watery eyes were wide open like eyes of a startled little bunny. Edward curled his lips into a loving smile and once again held Daisy in his arms. He felt safe and comfortable when she was around.

At first, Daisy was frightened and tried to push him off. However, as he eagerly and deeply kissed her, she could sense his emotions through his burning and trembling lips. She could feel his rage and panic. He was like an injured animal, desperately seeking for a haven to hide and be safe in. She didn't know what was wrong, but she knew he wanted her to respond. So she kissed him back affectionately, trying to heal the invisible wounds he had. Though she couldn't see them, neither did she know where the wounds came from, she knew that he was badly hurt and he needed her.

Edward wished that time could just stop at this very moment, and they could hold each other forever. He had decided that he would never run away or lie to himself again. He wanted Daisy, no matter if it was love or something else. He wouldn't let her go. His world would be complete only if she was in it. There was no other way for him to be happy.

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