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   Chapter 211 I'm The One He Loves

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"You are Daisy Ouyang! Are you related to Mary Ouyang?" Jessica secretly sneered in disgust, 'Another annoying Ouyang in this world. Why do they even exist? I wonder what kind of role she's playing in the whole scheme of things.'

"What Mary? Who is that? I don't know what you are talking about. But I think you should at least tell me your name first before sputtering with such mean attitude." Daisy replied in a more arrogant tone. She didn't like the way the woman was talking to her. They hadn't met yet, but the woman was already rude to her.

"It doesn't matter who I am. The point here is I'm the one that Edward has loved for the longest time. I hope you know that already." Jessica stroke her long curly hair and smirked at the phone.

"Well, I see. And I presume that's why you sent me the photo? You must be so desperate already." In spite of the panic and anxiety she felt when she first saw the photo, Daisy felt more calm right now.

"Well, that's your only reaction? Why are you still calm like this? Do you even have feelings for him?" Jessica was furious. 'What did she mean by that? Doesn't she care about Edward? Or maybe she just dismissed my challenge as nothing but nonsense? She should not underestimate me!'

"Then how should I react? Are you expecting that I should cry over some rude and arrogant words coming from a strange woman that I don't even know what her name is? No way." Daisy hated to waste time over such meaningless matters. Why couldn't they just get straight to the point? 'Just tell me who you are and what you want.' Daisy thought to herself in utter disgust and impatience.

"My name is Jessica. Everyone in S City knows that I'm the one that Edward is deeply in love with." Jessica said all these with a tone of pride and arrogance. She wondered whether Daisy could still remain calm when she heard this.

"I see. Miss Jessica. I've never heard of you. I just want to know what's your purpose in sending that photo. That's all." Daisy leaned back against the chair and replied in just a casual tone. She used to envy Jessica, because Jessica could stay with Edward all day and Edward would smile at Jessica. All these happened while Edward completely ignored her. He didn't even bat an eye on her. However, no matter how jealous she was, she would never allow Jessica to bully her like this.

"Is it so hard for you to understand? It makes sense, since you're just a lowly ordinary person. How could you possibly mingle with people of our class? You don't have that right!" Jessica had always despised Daisy. Unlike her, Daisy wasn't born into a noble and rich family. Jessica hated people in the lower classes.

"Miss Jessica, I have absolutely no interest in how extravagant and lewd people are in the upper class. But I'm not lowly as you think I am. Please mind your words and show me some respect." Daisy's facial expression right now was as cold as her words.

"Daisy, don't think you can be arrogant just because Edward pays special attent

e on his face.

"Yes! Mommy, what are you doing in the balcony? Where's daddy? You're alone in here?" Justin was proud of himself. He could still remember that when they first came here, Edward never went home at night. He would date different women almost every night. He was never contented of his family. Now, he went home on time everyday. He knew he was the one to take all the credits for his father's sudden change of heart.

"Your daddy just went to the seaside for a while. He'll come home later tonight. Are you already hungry?" Daisy gently pinched his nose with a loving smile, then sat down with Justin in her arms.

"What? Why didn't he bring me with him? I want to go to the seaside too! I want to swim there!!" Justin pouted unhappily. How dare Edward go have fun without him? He immediately imagined the shore, the sky, the water...

"He didn't go there to have fun. He just need some time alone. Do you want to go to the seaside some other day?" Daisy wasn't sure if Edward's recent strange behaviors had anything to do with Jessica. Until just now...

"Yes! Mommy, can we go with daddy next time? Please?" Justin wrapped his little arms around Daisy's neck and pressed his chubby face against his mother's chest. The three of them taking a day off, having a picnic at the seaside. What a lovely idea!

"To the seaside? But I remember that I'll be very busy soon. How about I take you there after my military exercises? Will that be okay for you?" Daisy hadn't been to the seaside for a long time. She would sometimes bring Justin to either swimming pools or water parks before. However, she had been too busy lately to take him out for fun. She suddenly realized that she hadn't been a good mother for Justin recently.

"Yeah! I love you, mommy! You are so good to me! Unlike someone else I know!" Justin didn't care why Edward went to the seaside. In his eyes, Edward didn't bring him along. His father must have been having fun on his own, and he didn't like that idea.

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