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That evening, the whole sky glowed beautifully as splendid rosy clouds could be seen from a distance. Edward was staring at the magnificent sea, which seemed to be connecting to the glowing sky above. After spending the whole afternoon calming himself down and looking for some peace of mind at the fitness club, he got into his car and sat there, with all his thoughts engulfing him. He was just like a stone statue in the shape of a man waiting for his wife. He was lonely and desolate. He was desperate.

He had no idea how long it had been since he had the opportunity to be alone like this. He believed it was probably from the moment he began to take over this company. Ever since that day, he had endless meetings, document signings, and social activities. There was almost no chance for him to meditate like this.

But suddenly, his phone rang with a beautiful English song. The song finally broke the peace and calmness. He's back into the very reality of his life right now. He frowned before picking up the phone. But his dark eyes was instantly filled with tenderness when he saw the familiar number on his phone screen.

"Hello! Honey, are you home now? How are you? I missed you!" Edward said while he casually looked up at the sky. It was already getting dark outside. He realized he had been here, sitting in the car for a very long time.

"Yeah. Will you be home late tonight? Will you have dinner at home?" This was the first time that Daisy came back home without Edward already inside. So she felt a little uncomfortable as she was not used to it.

"No. I am on my way now. Wait for me there, okay?" Edward gently assured her and started the car right away. The trip might take a while as the sea was actually far from their home.

"Okay! Drive safe! We'll wait for you before we at dinner! Please take care, Edward." Then Daisy put down her briefcase on the desk in the study room. She didn't know that her sweet voice reached Edward's heart. Knowing that he had such a loving and caring wife, Edward's cold, icy heart began to melt.

"You can eat if you're already hungry! Don't wait up for me. I am a little far from home right now. I think it will take a long while for me to arrive. I'm really sorry." A slight smile showed on Edward's hands

ons brimming on her mind right now. But not a single answer popped out of her mind.

Daisy hesitantly dialed the unknown number. For whatever reasons or purpose he or she sent this picture, Daisy decided to figure it out. She would not back down from a person provoking her into anger. She believed in the saying, "Don't offend people who didn't offend you. But if they did, fight back."

Daisy didn't care too much before because Edward didn't promise anything to her nor intended to live with her. Now that Edward had given her so much hope for a bright future filled with love, she would never keep silent on this issue anymore. Her man could be only touched by herself. Any other woman who wanted to touch Edward better ask for her fists' permission first! She would not allow it!

Daisy thought to herself right there and then, 'Edward, you'd better not disappoint me. Otherwise, I will break your ribs into pieces. If you didn't start alluring me with a serious relationship, I would't mind. But now that you did, you should keep our agreement in mind. Don't play with other women. My man just belongs to me. If any woman wants to do something on you, I won't mind letting her know why some people become bloodied. I will fight her to death, if that's necessary.'

"Hello. This is Daisy Ouyang. Who is that? Who are you?" Daisy spoke in a cold but arrogant tone. She wanted to set the tone right away. She might look beautiful and calm on the outside, but she was determined and vengeful on the inside.

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