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   Chapter 209 Do You Think I'm A Jerk

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"Did I hear you right? Did you just call me a capitalist? Just to prove it, you're in charge of all the outstanding development programs from now on, and I want the results on my desk by the morning after tomorrow." Edward appeared at the door suddenly, which made Rain tremble with fear. Rain thought, 'is it necessary to be so cruel?' All of the development programs? Did he know what he was saying? And he wanted to see the results by the morning after tomorrow? Why didn't he just crush me to death?'

"Edward, are you sure you mean all of the development programs? You're not just kidding me?" Rain wiped away his sweat secretly. He would rather see Luke's face if he had known this.

"What? Why are you questioning me? You're the least busy person in the company. So how can I be a qualified capitalist, as described, if I don't give you enough work?" No wonder Rain's office was empty. It was because Rain was trash talking him to his co-workers, Edward thought.

"Bullshit! Who said I am not busy? I have mountains of files on my desk to be reviewed!" Now Rain had realized what the sentence "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" meant. He was bearing the brunt of Edward's reaction. Rain skirted Edward's office on purpose, giving him a wide berth. But Rain couldn't understand why he still couldn't avoid Edward and his bad mood!

"Everyone's busy but you. Even worse, you're stopping other people from working! You tell me whether I should double your work to get my money's worth out of you!" Edward said with an enchanting smile. Rain, who was as enchanting as Edward, also couldn't resist his dazzling smile.

"Boss, you can't be that cruel? I can't work without a break. It won't be efficient if I put my nose to the grindstone all the time. I need to get up and walk around sometimes." Rain argued. He wasn't stupid enough to take on the job Edward wanted him to do, which was definitely more work than the files already on his desk.

"You talk too much. I gotta go deal with something. Don't forget to take all the files on my desk with you when you go back to your office. Remember: I want to see the results the morning after tomorrow. I'd do it now, if I were you.." This time it seemed non negotiable, an ultimatum. Edward headed out of his office, without any eye contact with Rain.

"Aaron, Edward wasn't serious, right? He asked me to get all the development program files on his desk done in two days. That's impossible!" Rain was flustered and he wondered if it was necessary for Edward to do him wrong like that. He had work to do already. He thought it was better for Edward to kill him directly than give him so much work. Then he didn't need to sit here bitching about his life.

"Yep! I am sure he was serious. No kidding. So you can choose to stay here being cute. But don't say i didn't warn you. You'll be shipped off to Thai

k what Daisy wants is just you." Luke calmly gave his analysis of what he'd seen the past few weeks. Everyone knew that Daisy was in love with Edward, that there was no one else except Edward in her heart.

"How do you know what she wants? Don't place bets on a woman's heart. It changes so fast that no one could know their thoughts from one minute to the next."

Edward clambered to his feet. He stretched, feeling the muscles, then walked directly towards the bathroom, without turning around or waiting for Luke's reply. As the bodyguard, Luke could do nothing but pick up the racquet he left behind and trot after Edward, thinking to himself secretly.

'Are women's hearts really hard to guess?' In his opinion, he thought Edward was much more unpredictable than women. At one moment, he was blaming himself. But the next, he began to complain about women. Had no idea about his train of thought. He jumped from one topic to another quickly.

With the depression shaken off, Edward walked out of the fitness club, wearing a neatly pressed bespoke suit. This naturally attracted people's attention, which he was already used to. Just one evil smile on his lips could easily win women's hearts all around him. And he flashed this to the gym bunnies. Then he jumped in his car and drove away.

Luke moved his lips hard when he saw Edward's attitude. His danger sense was tingling, and he wondered why. He asked himself, 'Is Mr. Mu going to do the playboy thing again?' He'd seen it before. Edward was being seduced by his dark half. Otherwise, why did he begin to act all evil? Was he traumatized by the information in the file so severely that he couldn't handle it well, then went insane?

This thought flashed through his mind for only a minute. He knew his mission was to protect Edward, not manage his behavior. So he started his car and kept pace with Edward's, ignoring the change in his personality.

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