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   Chapter 208 Consequences

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"Does her family know?" Daisy asked, lowering her head to her outstretched fingers. She thought Duke loved his sister so much that he wasn't supposed to be quiet about things like this.

"Yeah! I just left her home around noontime. It was not easy to handle." Kevin shuddered when thinking of Duke's cold attitude towards him.

"What about your family? Do they accept Leena?" Daisy knew Kevin's background. His family had great prestige, like the noble relatives of the Emperor in ancient times.

"Don't worry! I will protect her from harm." Kevin thought what Daisy said made sense, but he wouldn't be caught unprepared. If he hadn't taken this into account, he wouldn't even think of marrying Leena.

"Kev, you're like a brother to me. I hope you can keep Leena safe. You should know how much Leena means to her family, even if you don't have me around to tell you that. So you know the consequences if you do something wrong." Daisy's warning was not an exaggeration. Because she had seen how those guys pampered and spoiled Leena when she was with Edward. It was almost appalling.

"Um! I've seen it too, and I know how to deal. So don't worry about me." From the way Daisy addressed him just now, Kevin knew she talked to him as a friend, not a college.

"Good! Brother-in-law, welcome to our big family!"

Daisy said teasingly, winking, and reached out a hand. Fate is a magic thing. Daisy had never thought anything dramatic would happen in her life.

"Uh! Brother-in-law? I think it's a little inappropriate." Kevin said and smiled bitterly. So they were family, just not exactly how he hoped.

"It's not inappropriate. Leena is my sister, then you are my brother-in-law since you married her, right?" Daisy

to stop his smugness.

"I just got back. So how would I know more than you do? You are here anytime Edward needs you." Rain enjoyed the furious look on Aaron's face. At least he could find life was full of color through it all.

"You should ask Luke, then! He's acting as secretary to Mr. Edward." Aaron found that he was just a tool for Rain to kill time.

"No way. That guy's secretive as all hell. You want me to ask him? It would be better if I asked Edward directly." Rain said and winked at Aaron without much enthusiasm, which still almost killed Aaron.

"Do you think I am too easygoing to tell people to sod off? If you have a conscience you'd get off your butt and help me with my work." Aaron squinted at Rain, with one eyebrow raised.

"There are files piling up on my desk too, okay? Why I always have so much work I'll never know. Edward's a typical capitalist, using us as slave labor. He should stand behind us, cracking a whip." The mountain of files on his desk drove Rain crazy. But he tended to be like this: the more work he had, the more of a vacation he needed. In this way, he could double the result with half the effort.

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