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   Chapter 207 You're Hiding Something From Me

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Kevin brought Leena back to his downtown apartment. He knew that his flat was small compared to the luxurious mansion of the Leng family. But it was better than most people's houses.

Leena looked around the apartment in curiosity. The place was arranged with warm decorations. She was surprised that a rough man like Kevin would be so considerate and make the place look so sweet and welcoming.

"What do you think? Do you like it?" asked Kevin. He suddenly felt sad. Would he be really happy if this was the woman he loved the most? Namely, Daisy? He thought that might be why he felt that way.

"Yes! It's very sweet. Simple, but very tastefully done. You may have a future in this," she joked. Obviously he wouldn't give up his life as a soldier to be an interior decorator, but Leena was delighted. She looked around and every room looked beautiful. Fine art prints hung on the walls, decorative plates, matching bed sets with high thread counts, tapestries, fabric room dividers framed with different types of wood. It seemed that Kevin really had a good taste. He was an interesting man, Leena thought.

Kevin looked at Leena, who was very excited to see everything in the house. But he was lost in thought. Mechanically, he took her luggage to the main bedroom upstairs. He began to think about something else.

"Kevin, do you also live here?" Leena ran into the bedroom with excitement. She asked when she looked a little doubtful about the decorations.


Where do you think I live? The moon?" He looked at Leena with a smile. 'Did it scare her to know that I will live under the same roof with her from now on?' Kevin thought.

"No, I thought you lived on base," replied Leena, blushing because of his teasing. She looked at her toes to hide her expression just now.

"I usually live on base. But since we got married, I'll move back here and live with you. So you won't have to be alone, or afraid." 'She probably will be afraid. She is still a little girl. And this place is completely strange to her. There are no maids around her here.' Kevin thought.

"Who say

. Kevin was annoyed and embarrassed. The woman who he had wanted to marry was right standing in front of him, while he was talking about getting married to another woman. That was really awkward.

"The Commander told me that you were staying, but he didn't tell me that you got married," said Daisy. Daisy was always very calm. But today she was really surprised by the sudden news. It was such a rush, she thought.

"Oh! But didn't you ask me about this before?" asked Kevin. His eyes were wide open with regret. ''What's going on? I thought she knew about my marriage to Leena. I guess I really got that wrong. I just voluntarily unloaded this on her,' Kevin thought.

"Since you just told me, what's happening between you and Leena? I don't know anything about this. You don't think it important to tell me?" asked Daisy. Daisy thought Kevin would tell her about important things like this, she was his close friend. Kevin should have told her, or at least Leena should have told Edward about this. But she didn't hear Edward mention anything about it. So she assumed that he didn't know about it either.

"It just happened. We knew each other before she came to visit the base. The flash marriage is our decision and we think it's the right time," said Kevin. He smiled bitterly. He didn't say too much, because he knew Daisy would know the real reason behind it. She was such a clever woman.

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