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   Chapter 206 Talk or Fight

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Leena was silent because she didn't know what to say. Duke had always protected her since childhood. Now suddenly somebody else was trying to do that for him, he couldn't adjust to the change. So his anger was understandable to her.

Leena sighed. She didn't know how to live together with Kevin yet. Married to a guy she didn't even know, Leena was impressed by her own courage. She wasn't even sure whether her decision was right or wrong.

The two cars pulled into the Lengs' garden residence. Kevin was a little nervous, but wasn't pressured.

Duke had some time to think during the drive. He understood that the situation was irreversible -- Kevin was a soldier. There was nothing Duke could do about Leena and Kevin's marriage, he had to accept it. But his grudge against Kevin remained. Exiting the car, Duke ignored Kevin and went straight in the courtyard alone. He might have punched Kevin in the face.

"Kevin, I'm sorry. Normally, my brother isn't like this, " Leena apologized. She forced an embarrassed smile at Kevin.

"That's OK. I understand." Kevin stroked Leena's long lustrous hair calmly. He had expected much worse of Duke.

"Thank you for understanding. Let's head inside." Leena took a deep breath. She wasn't sure what her brother would do next. She hoped her father was home.

Duke casually sat on the sofa, leaning back against the cushions. He watched Leena and Kevin walk in, one after the other, eyebrows raised. With Kevin's charm and Leena's beauty, he found that they made a perfect couple.

"How do you want to settle the matter? Talk or fight? Go ahead. C

t he had taken it so easily and calmly, not at all what Kevin had thought.

"Dad, aren't you mad?" Leena was a little worried. She had always known that her father liked soldiers, but it was unexpected to see her father handle the news so well. Lloyd watched Kevin with sparkling eyes. He liked Kevin so much.

"Why should I be mad? You'll get married sooner or later. It's only a matter of time." Lloyd wasn't old-fashioned. He was OK with a shotgun marriage.

Duke was displeased with his father's attitude. He went upstairs sullenly. 'They can do whatever they want. Out of sight, out of mind.' He felt like an outsider.

Noticing that Duke was leaving, Leena's face darkened. She knew her brother still couldn't accept their marriage. She wanted to know when he would.

With Lloyd's approval, Kevin took Leena with him when he left the house. Duke remained as cold as ice, but he didn't stop them. The look in his eyes showed how sad he was, as well as angry. Duke wasn't taking this well, but with everyone else ganging up on him what else could he do?

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