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   Chapter 205 You Never Are A Match For Me

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4961

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"Come here." Duke couldn't accept the fact Leena was married, let alone the image of her in another man's arms. She was his baby sister. He had taken care of her since she was a little girl. No one should be able to take her away from him!

"But… I said I'm going back with Kevin." Leena watched Duke's face carefully, afraid he would get mad and drag her home.

"What? Leena, say that again if you dare!" Duke's anger flared when he heard what Leena said. She married this man behind him and refused to go home. Where did she get the nerve?

A sudden shiver of fear went through Leena. She tried to hide herself deeper in Kevin's arms. What was she thinking, provoking Mr. Cold again? At this rate, she was going to pay a terrible price.

"Chill, Mr. Duke. Leena is my wife. She's no longer your responsibility." Kevin said slowly but firmly. Duke tried to keep his cool, yet he seemed aloof and intimidating. Kevin wasn't daunted by Duke's open hostility and made his point clear.

"Leena, you agree with him?" Duke asked, ignoring Kevin's words. He closed his dark cold eyes, and forced them open again. When he stared at Leena, his eyes were filled with disappointment and sadness.

"Brother, I…" Leena looked at Kevin, then looked at Duke. She just didn't know what to do. Whoever she chose, she would hurt the other guy. It pained her to make the choice. One was her favorite brother, and the other was her current husband. She wished there was some kind of middle groun

t you can marry him this fast? You sure he is worth it?" Duke glanced at Leena, his look restless. Before he knew it, his little sister who used to follow him around had grown up and reached marrying age. There would be another man in her life. Everything would be different and he wouldn't be the only man she could rely on. The thoughts filled his heart with bitter sadness. He felt like he had been abandoned by her.

"I… I don't know. I just have this feeling that I don't want to let him slip away. Duke, you don't like him?" Leena said with a puzzled frown. What's so good about Kevin? She couldn't put her finger on it. They barely knew each other. Kevin was still a stranger to her.

"This man stole my only sister. You really think I'd like him? Now I just want to punch him. That's what he deserves!" Duke meant it when he said this. Leena had just come back from abroad. How did she know Kevin? How could she get married secretly in such a short time? Of course he was mad!

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