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   Chapter 204 Preying On Innocent Girls

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As soon as Kevin parked his car, he dashed into the international airport terminal. He only hoped that it wasn't too late to catch her; otherwise he had no idea what he should do. He knew it was a whirlwind romance and a rash decision -- he should have gotten their parents' approval. He only did it because he knew they didn't have enough time. However, he had never thought that Leena would be the daughter of the noble Leng family, and that her brother would take extraordinary measures to protect her.

The hall was crowded. People talking, laughing and crying, together with flight info being broadcast over the P.A. system aggravated his anxiety. Kevin looked up at the departure timetable on screen, searching for the flight to France among other flights. His eyes lit up when he finally saw it. It wouldn't take off for a few minutes. He still had time.

He looked around anxiously for the figure that he had longed to see. There were beads of sweat on his forehead, and he didn't bother to wipe them off. 'Where is she?' He thought to himself.

Kevin ran through the crowd and looked around, trying to find her. He became more nervous as time went by. He narrowed his eyes and tried to silence all the distracting thoughts in his mind.

All of a sudden, he caught a glimpse of her standing nearby. He sighed in relief and darted towards her with a smile.

Leena had given up on him. Immersed in her own sorrows, she thought maybe things wouldn't work out between her and Kevin. That was why they had to separate right after getting married. 'Fine! I'll go back to France myself. I'll be back someday. Will he forget about me by then? No, I want him to remember me!' Leena thought to herself.

"Leena!" A low but eager voice called out. Leena paused in surprise.


nch that Duke would totally give him a hard time in the future.

"Leena, how long are you planning to hide behind this man? Come over here at once!" Duke gazed at his little sister, who had been burying her face in Kevin's arms. Duke grew jealous. 'Is he more important than your own brother?' He thought.

"Hmmm... Brother, I don't want to go to France." Leena stole a discreet glance at Duke. She heard every single word of their conversation. 'Kevin's aura is no less imposing than Mr. Cold's! I never thought that anyone could have so long a conversation with Mr. Cold without running away in terror. Maybe Kevin is the one for me!" Leena joyfully thought to herself.

"You're not going anywhere today, since you missed your flight." Duke felt distressed. When was the last time that he couldn't handle Leena? Never! He had known her too long, and was always the responsible one. But today she found someone, who was not afraid of him at all.

"Yeah! Really? Then I can stay here?" Leena glanced at the timetable and jumped to her feet. It seemed that she didn't notice the silent competition between the two men next to her. Kevin versus Duke. It would be an interesting time.

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