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   Chapter 202 He Was Heartbroken

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6342

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"What? The contract was signed? Why wasn't I told?" Edward asked, staring at Anna. He didn't want anything to do with Jessica. The Coco's scandal wasn't solved yet, and he had the troublesome Lin Group to deal with. He should have known this wouldn't be so simple. It wasn't just about business cooperation.

"Sir, did you forget? You authorized the top management to sign contracts in common cooperative cases. You didn't really want to be bothered by the details, so you told me simple cases like this didn't need your approval." Anna replied with a frown. Edward looked distracted -- maybe it was because of all the things happening recently. He normally didn't forget things.

"Oh! I must have forgotten. Okay, you can go back to work now, " said Edward. He furrowed his brows and narrowed his eyes to closely examine the file in his hands, trying to find some clues.

Anna looked at him with concern. Then she turned around and left. FX International Group signed the contract with Lin Group, and that meant a lot of trouble for Edward. Jessica could get close to Edward, taking advantage of their working relationship to do other things. And there would be no reason she couldn't.

Edward massaged his temples and lay back in his chair. He silently picked up the phone and unlocked it. He gazed lovingly at the calm and beautiful woman on the screen. He'd taken the picture when Daisy first donned the delicate gown he gave her, gliding gracefully down the stairs. The photo made him feel at ease. She gave him the strength to pull himself together and deal with all the difficult tasks he faced now.

He couldn't get enough of her yesterday, making love constantly. He was so engrossed in the harmony when their bodies tangled together, as if he were desperate to absorb her into his body and let her be a part of him. He was enamored by the feeling of intimacy when she clung tightly t

e gone all out to try and foist Mary on me. But have you considered what will happen to Daisy if you succeed?' Edward thought.

Edward picked up the phone again, eyes rimmed with red. 'Daisy, what should I do? I can't bear to hurt you again. You have already suffered too much!' Edward thought.

He was not in the mood to work right now. He gazed at her picture on the screen in a trance. 'A dark childhood, a cruel father, a shameless step mother and a step sister, you've achieved so much in spite of these people's hurting, maybe they are the reason of your achievements. You have come a long way. I can't say that you're lucky to have grown up that way.'

He flipped through his phone, and her familiar number kept popping up. He smiled bitterly and finally gave up the idea of calling her. He was afraid that he couldn't control himself, couldn't hold back the urge to rush to her and hold her in his arms. And he feared losing himself in this love even more.

He really didn't know why he would have these deep feelings. He cared about her, everything she did, her joy, her pain. It was hard for him to give up his dignity and pride, to give his whole heart to her. The door to his heart was locked, and he couldn't bring himself to hand her the key.

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