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   Chapter 201 The Lin Group

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At the FX International Group

"Don't you need to accompany Annie?" Edward asked casually. He looked at Rain who was lounging on the couch and didn't seem to have any plans of leaving. Didn't Annie live in his house? Edward didn't know why Rain seemed so morose.

"Edward, what would make someone change so much?" Rain had been racking his brain trying to figure this out for days.

"Are you talking about Annie? Is there anything different about her?" Edward asked with a raised eyebrow. Annie was drunk that night, so he didn't notice anything unusual with her.

"I'm not sure. But she's been avoiding me and has been strangely silent around me." Rain felt frustrated. He didn't know what the problem was. He kept fretting over Annie's sudden change and avoidance.

"Maybe she doesn't love you anymore? Maybe she's lost affection for you after these years, and she's trying to distance herself from you." Actually, Edward knew very little about women. For instance, Daisy looked at him coldly sometimes, but unexpectedly treated him affectionately at times.

"Is that so?" Rain suddenly felt bitter. He was the one trying to avoid her. He should be glad that she finally stopped being so clingy. But why did he feel uncomfortable? It felt like someone had taken away one of his favorite things.

"Rain, no one would wait for you forever. It's possible for time to change someone's mind, so it's not surprising that she's changed. What's important is that you know what you want." Edward didn't expect that he would go through something really shocking some day in the near future when he said this to Rain. Otherwise, he wouldn't have put

r today is in the notebook. If you have no further instructions, I'll leave." Although Anna was also suspicious, it was none of her business. She had no intention of looking into it.

"That's all. You can go now. I'll let you know if anything changes." Edward loosened his tie as he studied his schedule. He narrowed his eyes when he saw an appointment with the Lin Group. They never had a business contact together before. Why did they want to cooperate with him all of a sudden?

Anna stood silently in the office for a while. Before she could leave, Edward called her attention.

"Anna, why is the Lin Group here?" The Lin Group was the company of Jessica's family. Was this one of her new tricks?

"Oh! It's for the signing document delivered by the construction company. All the steel used for our new buildings was provided by the Lin Group." Anna was also a little astonished when she first saw the document. But she immediately calmed down afterwards. She pondered how strange things worked in the business world. One moment you're enemies, and in the next instant, you're partners.

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