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   Chapter 200 Only Yours

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5724

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"Honey, do you remember your promise?" Edward looked up from her chest, staring at Daisy hopefully. He wasn't sure if this counted as love, but all he wanted at this moment was Daisy's trust.

"Yes, of course. Why are you asking me this all of a sudden?" Daisy asked curiously, wrapping her arms around Edward's neck.

"Nothing. I was just afraid that you might have forgotten." Not wanting the matter to affect Daisy's military exercises, Edward decided to lie about it. Because things have reached this point and his uncertainty grew. Jessica's confidence made him panic. He had to get to the bottom of it carefully before he could know everything.

Daisy made a face at him. "You're treating me like a three-year-old kid! Relax, your colonel isn't that forgetful." Daisy playfully pinched Edward's face. She had to pinch a bit harder because his skin was so smooth. How could his skin be so delicate?

"Ouch, are you trying to ruin my face?" Edward grabbed her hand, wondering if Daisy had something against his face. Why did she pinch him so hard?

"Yes! After I disfigure you, you'll only be mine." Daisy looked at him seriously with a sly look in her eyes. She was happy as long as Edward didn't look as depressed as he did earlier. Seeing him like that only made her upset.

"Don't worry. Even if I'm not disfigured, I'm still only yours." Edward didn't care if Daisy was serious or not. He was willing to believe everything she said, even if she was just comforting him. He was willing to accept them all.

"These are your words! Don't flirt around behind my back, or I will destroy you." Daisy came closer, whispering the threat in his ear.

"Honey, why don't you just destroy me right now? I

against him to press herself closer to him. She would give anything to this man without question. No matter how cruel he used to be, he was the only person that she loved.

But Daisy didn't let him know how she felt. Until she was certain that he belonged to her, this was her last line of defense. Without it, it would be the end for her. She couldn't afford to lose him again.

Edward obsessively provoked all the desire and lust out of Daisy, hoping that every one of her enticing expressions was because of him. Why would Jessica give him a problem now? Was it a calculated move, or was it just coincidence? He had to figure out these things.

So he panicked and messed up. All of his unusual behaviors led him to face one unavoidable fact: Daisy was no longer just an obligation to him. There were a lot of emotions involved that he couldn't understand.

The night progressed with the lovemaking between the flushed woman and the intoxicating man. The bright moonlight shone through the windows and layers of silky curtains until the room was filled with warm light. The air grew heavier as their actions became more frantic...

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