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   Chapter 199 Not For You

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"No. Not unless you promise me that you won't leave me again." Jessica eagerly pressed her face against Edward's back. She hadn't touched him for a long time. God knew how much she missed him. She was delighted when Edward didn't push her away.

"Jessica, don't push your luck. I don't want to beat a pregnant woman." A chill crept over Jessica at Edward's words. Instead of letting go of him, she held him tighter.

"Edward, you do care about the baby inside me, don't you?" Jessica deliberately filtered his words, and only paid attention to what she wanted to hear.

"Yes, I do. But not in the way that you think. I won't hurt any pregnant woman, because every child is to be cherished, even if it's unborn." Edward tried to peel her hands off his waist. He remembered Daisy told him to keep other women at arm's length.

"No. You're lying! You still love me; you just don't realize it!" Desperately, Jessica gripped his waist tighter. She finally found a chance to fight for herself, and she wouldn't let it slip through her fingers.

Edward gritted his teeth in fury. He didn't dare to push her, in fear of hurting the unborn baby. To break free from her grip, he suddenly turned around. Not expecting the movement, Jessica staggered backwards and almost fell to the ground. Edward grabbed her hand just in time.

"Jessica, listen to me. I have never loved you; it was just a game between the two of us. As for the baby, I'm pretty sure it's not mine. I don't want to see you again. If you dare show your face to me again, I'll personally show you how ruthless I can be." Edward gripped her shoulders tightly as he spoke coldly.

"No, that's not true! I've never been with anyone else! Edward, it's your child!" Jessica didn't understand why Edward was so certain that the baby wasn't his. Jessica suddenly felt frightened at the possibili

shudder and let out a low moan.

"I need to read through these reports. How about you? Are you done with your work?" Daisy turned around to look into his eyes. When he got a call after dinner, he told her that he needed to go out for work. Daisy didn't expect him to return so soon.

"Yes. It wasn't anything important. Don't worry." Edward pulled her up from the chair. He sat on the chair and made Daisy sit on his lap.

"Ah! What are you doing?" Daisy was puzzled as she leaned on his chest. Edward would behave strangely every now and then, startling her every time.

"Keep still. I just want to hold you." Closing his eyes, Edward pressed his face against Daisy's chest. Her warm body was a comfort to his anxiety. He just wished that everything could stop at this moment. He wouldn't have to worry about Jessica or her unborn baby. It would just be him and Daisy, the love of his life.

"Honey, is there something wrong? You seem troubled." Daisy gently stroked his hair with a frown. She could sense that Edward was feeling down tonight. She hadn't seen him like this since they got together. Did it have anything to do with the business he had to deal with? It must be really complicated to make Edward so depressed.

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