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   Chapter 198 Your Wife Is Me

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6180

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Jessica was flustered. She knew the look on Edward's face meant that he was aggravated. She knew that it would be difficult for her to reach her purpose now. She felt the need to break the ice.

"Edward, I propose a toast to you. This is the Hennessy, your favorite drink." Jessica smiled in embarrassment and raised her trembling hand to propose a toast. But the glass of wine accidentally spilled because of Edward's sudden movement. The wine spilled over Edward, he cursed bitterly.

"Shit! Damn! What are you doing?" Edward placed his phone on the table and hurriedly retrieved some tissues to wipe his clothes. He frowned with disgust.

"Sorry. I didn't do it on purpose. Why don't you go to the washroom to clean it up?" said Jessica. She looked at the phone kept on the table by Edward. A cunning smile flashed over her face. Her trick worked. She noticed that Edward had been staring at his phone all the while. So she wondered what was up with his phone.

Edward frowned and walked away. As soon as he disappeared from Jessica's sight, she quickly picked up his phone and unlocked the screen. A graceful woman with a calm demeanor appeared on the screen. She looked gorgeous and divine, a rare beauty indeed.

The woman in the photo wore a long white dress. Her hair was radiantly black and thick, like a waterfall pouring down her shoulders. Her crystal eyes revealed her superior and domineering manner, yet not making people feel offended. 'She looks special. No wonder Edward is attracted to her. But she is nobody. I will wait and see how long their relationship will last.' Jessica thought.

She sneered with ridicule and flipped through his phone records. When she saw that the most frequently dialed number was saved as 'Darling wife', she tightened her grip on the phone and wondered, 'When did the handsome and flirtatious

. They all insisted that they must meet with him in person.

"Miss Coco. I think there's nothing more to talk about. If you need anything else, you can go to Mr. Rain or Mr. Aaron. I won't accept any threat from you and I certainly won't help you play this tedious game." Edward didn't want to sit down. He grabbed his phone from the table and looked frigidly at their delicate faces concealed with heavy makeup. He felt Daisy's natural look with no makeup was more attractive to him.

"Huh! You are in such a rush! You are a business tycoon. Are you afraid of me- a little woman?" said Coco. She was trying her best to retain Edward in order to help Jessica.

"Huh! To tell you the truth, I really don't fear you. I just don't want to deal with you." Edward sneered. He ignored her provocation and turned around to leave. To his surprise, Jessica suddenly held his waist from behind.

"Edward, don't go! We can find a solution. Can we discuss this please?" said Jessica. She didn't expect that Edward would leave so hurriedly, so she held him desperately.

"Get your hand off me. We have nothing to discuss." Edward said in a cold voice. If she had not been pregnant, he would fling her off, rather than let her hold him.

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