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   Chapter 197 Miss Jessica, Please Have A Little Self-Respect

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4740

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It was dark. The street lamps flickered. A Lamborghini was whirling on the streets of S City. Edward sneered. 'Coco, huh? You are too raw to play dirty with me!'

The car turned and halted at Sexy World. Edward stepped out of the car like a tyrant. He raised his head to look at the enticing neon lamp-lit bar and then frowned at it. The sneer remained on the corner of his lips.

He walked in. Even the filthy ambiance of the place couldn't undermine his elegance. His shirt swirled in the summer wind, making him even more enchanting.

He remained courteous till the time he stepped into the box. When he saw Jessica in the box, a frosty look crawled over his face. 'Jessica, you are really involved. You take yourself too seriously!'

"Hi, Edward." Jessica hurried toward Edward like a moth to a flame. She couldn't wait to throw herself into Edward's arms. Edward pushed her away gently. He walked straight to the sofa and sat down. He looked at Coco grimly. Coco had demanded to see him and he was here now. He had nothing to hide.

"Go ahead! Why did you want to see me?" He asked while sluggishly rocking his crossed legs. He didn't look at Coco anymore but gazed at his phone's screen which was a photo of Daisy clicked by him.

"Mr. Edward, do you always dishonor the artists of your own company?" Although Coco was more attractive than Jessica, she failed to capture Edward's interest. Edward des

seek justice. You just need to give her an explanation," Jessica said softly as she put her slender hand on Edward's chest. She liked getting intimate with him. She believed he would be hers sooner or later.

"Miss Jessica, please have a little self-respect!" Disgusted by her brazenness, Edward pushed her hand away irritably. How many times did he have to tell her to stay away from him?

"Huh! Where was your self-respect when you slept with my cousin? What a hypocrite!" Coco raised her beautiful eyebrows, trying to provoke Edward. However, she was disappointed. Edward didn't fall.

"Miss Coco, how do you know how I am in bed? Did you see it with your own eyes? Did you have a vision? Or do you love peeking?" Edward glanced at her. He seemed grave and ruthless.

"..." Coco hadn't expected that Edward would retort so brutally, After all, she was a superstar of his entertainment company. She failed to come up with a response.

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