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   Chapter 196 What Should We Do Now

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"Ah! Well... What should we do now?" Leena felt flustered. If Mr. Cold knew that she got married today, what would happen to her? Probably he would strangle the life out of her! Leena thought.

"Of course you should move to my apartment first. Pack up your things tonight when you get back. I'll pick you up. And about the wedding ceremony, I don't think we have time to hold it right now. Any issues with this?" asked Kevin. He raised his eyebrows and gazed at her perplexed face casually. He thought that she was really capricious, and that was lovely.

"What? You want me to move to your place? He'll kill me!" Leena said, clearly upset. She had been wondering how to explain this to Mr. Cold. And moving in with Kevin? That meant problems.

"Don't worry about your family. I'll handle it. Just follow me to my place. Don't worry about anything else." He didn't know what her family was like, but it sounded like she was the apple of their eyes. Her innocence made that extremely likely. It might take a lot to bring her home.

"It's a deal then. If I'm sent back to Paris, it's your loss," said Leena. She felt delighted when she heard Kevin's words. She finally found someone to face the angry storm from Mr. Cold.

"Paris? Are you studying there?" Kevin asked with a frown. He had never considered it.

"Yes. But I will graduate soon. The school doesn't require us to stay there now. I only have to send homework to my adviser. But my brother is forcing me back to France." Leena said, sadly. She pouted.

"So are you using me as the excuse for not going back?" Kevin sneered with self-mockery. It seemed that they were in this for the same reason. They were using each other to reach their goals.

"Not really. I've always had a thing for soldiers. And you're the first guy I slept with. I'm a very traditional girl, so I agreed

ld get the support from the most important person, the rest would be easy to deal with. Kevin thought.

"In our family, Mr. Cold has the final say. His cold demeanor will freeze you solid. Stay strong, and don't let him intimidate you. But don't worry, my father will be on your side. He will certainly support you." said Leena. So now she's helping others against Duke? Duke was her brother, she was betraying him now. There was another saying, 'A grown girl can't be kept at home.' She was proving that day by day.

"How do you know your father will be on my side?" asked Kevin. Hearing Leena's words, you'd think that he was not about to visit her family, but to fight a battle.

"Because my father likes soldiers very much. He influenced my respect for soldiers. So he will be very happy to see you." Leena assured him. Her eyes flashed with cunning. 'Wow! Two handsome men vying for me. That is exciting! I can't wait to see what will happen.' Leena thought. Her eyes glowed with eagerness as if the scene was happening before her eyes. She was so excited now.

Looking at Leena's expression, Kevin felt a shiver down his spine. He had an issue with how she talked. He really couldn't help but wonder: 'Was she fooling me?'

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