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   Chapter 195 I'm Not Interested In Being A Widow

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"Useless? That's not what you said the night we met. As I recall I was pretty good at it." Kevin said with a crooked smile, regarding Leena playfully. Leena was dumbstruck by his words. He was a devil in a suit. He couldn't be more brazen, could he?

"Er… I want to go home now." Leena could feel her cheeks burning in embarrassment. If she were an ostrich, her head would be buried in the sand. How could all men be so wicked nowadays?

"Let's get lunch first. I'm starving. And we need to talk, don't you think?" Kevin frowned. He was afraid he'd miss her, so he stayed where he promised he would be, waiting. Even during the lunch break he'd sit in his car, keeping an eye on the spot where she might appear.

"What? Haven't you had lunch yet?" Leena looked at him apologetically. It was all her fault. But she really didn't mean it!

"It's fine. We can still get something to eat now. Let's go." Kevin reached out and held her slender soft hand, so naturally, as if he had done it a thousand times before.

His hand was thick and huge. Leena's heart skipped a beat. It was the second time he took her hand and the feeling was so strange that she couldn't put it into words. Her heart was warmed by the sensation.

Kevin looked over Leena's dazzling Porsche. He could see from the car that she was from a wealthy family. He was curious about the slings and arrows of the future. What kinds of problems might come up? And would he be well-equipped to take up arms against a sea of troubles?

They drove separately to the Mochan Restaurant. Kevin booked a private room where they could have a good talk. The suite was elegant and warm, as if to reflect their present mood.

It was much e

ill there be problems if they find out about your investment? Like suspensions or investigations?" Leena paused uncertainly, biting her lip. Investing was still counted as a business, right?

"Good. You are worried about me already." Kevin teased her, smiling.

"I'm not interested in being a widow." Leena curled her lips, suggesting that she was serious about this.

"Don't worry. You're not going to be a widow. How could I leave my new bride?" Kevin leaned back in his chair, staring at her playfully.

"I am glad my ignorance amused you." Sly as Leena was, she soon realized he was teasing her.

Kevin just laughed and said nothing. He had mixed feelings about Leena and wasn't sure how to act around her. It wasn't about the age gap. It was more of a personality thing. How would she react to this or that? He wanted to proceed carefully until he knew.

"Leena, tell me about your family. I want everything set up before the military exercise." As a soldier, Kevin never liked running away from problems. He was used to getting things done quick and clean. He was determined to meet her family as soon as possible.

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