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   Chapter 194 You're About My Uncle's Age

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5383

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Kevin was dressed to kill, in full military uniform, with order insignias and full-size medals. This was the kind of thing typically worn at ceremonies, official receptions, and other special occasions. Early this morning, he drove out of the military base. He had gotten everything ready yesterday. And the only thing he could do right now was to wait for Leena to tell him of her decision. He took a deep breath and waited for her expectantly.

He thought, 'I know it's moving too fast. We only know each others' names. We don't know each other well, nor have we been introduced to one another's families. Is she the one for me? Am I the one for her? But who cares? I'll leave it up to fate.'

It was still early when he arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau. There were several couples in line in front of him. And as he expected, no sign of Leena. He thought, 'I'm not sure if she's coming or not. But I promised that I'd wait for her the whole day. I intend to keep that promise.'

People came to the Civil Affairs Bureau in pairs, but he was alone. People stared at him curiously, but he didn't care. He tried to ignore all the inquisitive glances, stared at a spot on the wall and lost himself in thought.

Time was ticking away. He let other couples go ahead of him and smiled back when they expressed their gratitude. He stared at the entryway, as if waiting for Leena to appear.

Leena overslept and totally forgot what she was supposed to do today. She took her time brushing her teeth, washing up and having breakfast. After that, she plopped herself down and began browsing the net. She had sev

of her from now on. My love for Daisy is in the past. It has to be. In fact, we need to learn to let go of someone sometimes for our own sake. Knowing that Daisy is happy with her family is enough for me.'

"Leena, is everything okay?" asked Kevin. Seeing her expression, he was amused. He caressed her fair face and brushed her hair away.

"Ah! Kevin, you're old! You're about my uncle's age.'' said Leena. She frowned and thought, 'The difference in our ages might be a problem. Opinions, musical tastes, all of it. I hadn't thought of that before...'

"I'm not old. Just look at my handsome face. Have you ever seen it on a middle-aged man?" asked Kevin. He was going crazy and thought, 'As a single, rich man, I'm just ten years older than her. And now she has a problem with my age? Why does she look desperate? Am I that old?'

"Well! Let me check. You have a good-looking face as well as a gorgeous body. But I'm concerned. Are you just eye candy, and useless in every other way?'' asked Leena. She didn't realize that her remarks got his imagination going.

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