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   Chapter 193 It Feels Nice To Have You At My Side

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4733

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"Honey, you're bribing me!" Edward turned and took her in his arms. Drops of water beaded on his naked skin. He looked hot and fascinating.

"What if I am? Is it working?" Daisy blushed to see his bare chest, although she had seen it before.

"Since my dear wife asked, consider it done." Edward teased her. She blushed readily. Every time they got intimate, her face reddened.

"Edward, it feels nice to have you at my side, " Daisy said in a barely audible voice. Too embarrassed to meet his eyes, she buried her face in his arms, and immersed herself in the scent of jasmine on his body.

Edward didn't hear her. He embraced her with his chin on her head. He enjoyed it and loved her even more.

Came evening, they had a nice dinner. As Daisy's retinue, Mark had to stick around. He had already packed a travel bag (at Daisy's suggestion) with a toothbrush, razor, etc. and slept in the guest room.

Justin loved this arrangement, because he would have one more playmate. He had fun that evening, unlike Leena. The proposal was never far from her thoughts, and she kept turning it over and over again in her mind.

Thinking of the next day's arrangement, Leena sighed. Kevin's proposal was tempting, but she was uncertain about marrying a stranger.

She knew nothing about him, such as his family, his age; did he like someone? On the other hand, she was attracted to the personal space he had promise

de a mistake with Belinda and him, what if it were someone else? Would they let it go easily?

"If you keep pushing me, I'll find someone and get married tomorrow!" Leena yelled.

"Really? If you can, I won't mind." Duke laughed. He thought she was bluffing. 'I'll wait and see how you will find a man to marry you overnight.'

"Brother, remember what you just said! Promise me that you won't send me to France if I get married tomorrow." Leena made up her mind to marry Kevin. Duke had driven her to it. 'Marrying a stranger is no big deal! Maybe it will be exciting. After all, he is a handsome young military officer.'

"A bargain is a bargain. But if you cheat, the deal is off." Duke smiled. Evidently, he didn't believe she would be able to get married the next day.

And he would never believe that it was his words that helped Leena make up her mind. How would he react when he found out? It would be interesting to find out!

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