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   Chapter 192 The Anger of Colonel Ouyang

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Edward looked at his wife with curious eyes, because he didn't know what her true character was truly like. Was she too kind, or maybe too rational, that she seldom lost her temper in every situation? Being kind was good, but sometimes it could also cause you trouble, because others would find you a softie, and begin to harass you.

"Okay! Mom, I understand, and I'm very sorry. Please forgive me, " apologized Justin in a low voice. He instantly recognized his mother's angry face, and Justin hastened to say sorry; otherwise, push-ups would wait for him as his punishment.

"Justin, you're a boy, and should be more broad-minded. Don't hold grudges against others just because of a mere trifle, or otherwise, you're just as bad as those who have hurt you." Daisy began to moderate her tone, but it was still harsh enough to show Justin that he did something wrong.

"Okay, okay, cut it out! It's the first time that Mark has come to visit us, and I'm sure that he's not here for your criticism. Let's leave, so that Justin and he can have some fun." Justin glanced at Edward with sad eyes, a hint asking Edward to get him out of trouble, but Edward wasn't sure whether his words would work or not. Daisy seemed to be in a really bad mood.

She frowned, and stopped focusing on Justin. She then turned around and gave Mark a piercing stern look, because she was sure that Mark had told her son everything that had happened in the military base; otherwise, Justin wouldn't have known so many details.

Mark backed up a few steps, startled by the angry look Daisy projected on him. Whenever those angry eyes appeared, it meant that she was really mad at him, and that he would be severely punished during their drill training. 'Justin, you're killing me!' thought Mark to himself.

It wasn't the first time that Daisy had caught Mark red-handed. She squinted at him, and said, "Mark, I have no idea you could be such a gossip! You've been at my home for such a short time and have already talked something about m

e daytime, she preferred to stay in the living room.

Daisy frowned when she saw that his wet hair was dripping water on the floor, but she didn't say anything about it, and instead walked into the bathroom, confusing him even more. Edward asked himself, 'Is she ignoring me on purpose to try to tell me that she's angry?'

"Come here and sit down." Daisy took a bath towel and pointed at a chair, beckoning him to sit down. Edward was then at a loss for what to do next...

Even though he didn't know what she was getting at, he did what he was told. He knew that Daisy was in a pretty bad mood, and thought that for the moment it would be better not to do anything against her wishes.

When the soft towel touched his skin, Edward finally learnt what his wife was trying to do all along. He was relieved when he felt her warm fingers running through his wet hair. Edward smiled, because he knew that Daisy really cared about him.

She slowly dried his shiny hair. Edward was sought by every woman in the world, because he was very handsome.

Daisy said, "Don't leave your dirty clothes on the floor from now on, okay? I'll be mad at you if that ever happens again." It was easy to dry his hair because he wore it short. Edward usually didn't bother to dry it, and instead walked around with it soaking wet, dripping water everywhere.

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