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   Chapter 191 The Immortal Fighter

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Justin smiled delightedly, and said, "Uncle Mark, what takes you so long to come to see me?" He was always pleased to see his uncle Mark dressed in the olive green uniform. He began to miss the days he had spent with his uncles in the military base. He didn't know if the old Commander had assigned too much work to his mom after his leave, but he was sure that she could prove to be a match for everything his cunning would throw at her. And about Lieutenant Colonel Hank, Justin also wondered whether he was still picking at his mother constantly.

"I trained with your mom. And shortly after we returned from our training, we began to busy ourselves again with the military exercises. Haven't you noticed that your mother was very busy these last couple of days?

Anyway, the worst thing was that Hank asked your mother to fight one-on-one with him, even though he knew that your mom was already wounded. It scared me half to death!" While he was talking, Mark was looking everywhere around the living room, and although Daisy had already asked him to feel at home, everything around him still seemed to be a little bit too luxurious for him to handle. He pretended to be calm and relaxed, because, thanks to Daisy and the long periods of time that he had spent with her, over time, Mark had managed to learn some sort of indifference to everything from her.

"What? That snake committed some acts of hubris to mom again? Is my mom okay?" Justin was upset when he heard this. Although the wound wasn't that serious, the stitches still could've split.

"Um! The wound reopened, and your mom went to the infirmary to get new stitches..." Mark still felt frightened when he thought of this. The procedure involved pulling out the old sutures, reducing the inflammation and disinfecting it again, which all sounded to be very painful. The sweat t

also on the inside, his heart was filled with an endless melancholy when he heard that she suffered again.

"I'm okay, I just wasn't careful with the wound. Lieutenant Colonel Hank is a hell of a guy!" Daisy didn't want to see the morose look on Edward's face, which made her feel somehow sad, and she made a joke to cheer up the people. Mark was shocked at her joke, and thought to himself, 'Is she really our colonel?' He had never seen the wicked side of Daisy in the army, not until now.

"Pff! Mom, judging from what he did to you, and dad's reaction, I don't think so. I don't think he's a bit nice." There were two reasons to explain why a soldier couldn't be up for promotion in the army anymore. The first one was that he had reached the top, and the second was that he couldn't live up to that standard of life. Lieutenant Colonel Hank couldn't get promoted because of the second.

"Justin, don't discredit people! After all, he is much older than you., and you should respect him!" said Daisy, with a cold expression written on her face. No matter what Lieutenant Colonel Hank had done to her, she didn't want it to affect Justin and stir up rancor deep inside him, because this was not helpful for his growing up.

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