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   Chapter 190 Do You Mind About Them

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Edward hesitated for a moment, but answered the call with a frown. There was even a touch of irritation on his face.

"Hello! Who's it?" asked Edward. He had always spoken in a commanding manner, and his tone sounded very unfriendly, and harsh.

"Edward, it's me, Mary. The party is just about to start, I called you to ask when will you be arriving." Mary held her breath and exchanged glances with Yakira, who was standing beside her.

"Oh! Miss Ouyang, I'm sorry, but I'm caught with some other matters at home. It seems that I will be unable to attend to your party. I'm sorry for disappointing you." Edward took a glance at Daisy, and looked a little concerned. Daisy had shifted her attention from the scenery out of the window to Edward when she heard him say "Miss Ouyang." She curiously gazed at his face, trying to find some sort of clues.

"Ah! That's a pity! But really, don't you have some time at all? My parents and I are looking forward to your coming, " said Mary, with a downcast look. Even the exquisite makeup on her face couldn't cover her sudden gloom.

"Sorry, and please send my deepest apology to your parents, but I promise to visit them on another day." Although he didn't know what had happened between her and Daisy, Mary was still Daisy's family, and he acted very politely.

"Okay. That's fine then, " replied Mary. Her eyes raged with fury, and she thought, 'Some matters at home? I guess Daisy was the one who ruined my plan. That damn maid! I was slapped by her last time, but I haven't gotten the chance to revenge myself on her, yet. I didn't expect that she would offend me so soon. Let's wait and see how long she can keep being so complacent. Now that Edward has a love child, and even better, that Jessica is also pregnant with his child. Does she really think she can stay Edward's wife for good?' thought Mary.

As soon as Mary hung up the phone, Yakira eagerly asked her, "What's going on? What did Edward say?" This woman was a timeserver, and she looked very cruel from her appearance.

"He said that he won't come, because he has some matters to deal with at home. Mom, I don't care what happens, you and dad must help me at all costs, I'm determined to marry Edward!

e me, or otherwise she would have minded about my past affairs. Am I destined to be kept out of her heart and wait in agony?' thought Edward.

Daisy also was very surprised of Edward's reply. 'What did he mean with that? Does he really think that I don't mind?' thought Daisy.

Their conversation had gone into a verbal stalemate. They thought oppositely, and guessed how much they weighed in each others' hearts. Nevertheless, they were reluctant to disclose their true feelings to each other.

The exorbitant appearance of the car added color to the bustling city, making it look fancier and

More sophisticated. The sunset glow fell on the car and reflected a radiant light. Their sweet and gentle moment had become a thing of the past, and now there was only silence between them.

Meanwhile, in Edward's cottage, the place had been filled with Justin's excitement for Mark's arrival. In the military base, Mark was the one who had cared about him the most besides his mother. Justin was only a child, and his mind was very simple, and because of that he would often get close to the people who were nice to him. He and Mark were friends.

Although Mark had been prepared to see the grandeur of the place, when he actually saw the vast land occupied by Edward's house, he was still overwhelmed, and not to mention his expression on his face when he saw that the garage was filled with famous luxury cars from all around the world. He was flabbergasted by everything!

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