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   Chapter 189 I Don't Know Them

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5484

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"Honey, c'mon, don't be so cruel, I'm your husband. How can you have the heart to do that to me?" asked Edward. He fastened Daisy's safety belt and then gently kissed her on her forehead. Then he buckled up himself, smiled at her, and slowly started the car.

Daisy blushed a little, and thought, 'Is it really necessary to say so many sweet words?' He did all kinds of thoughtful things for her as he joked. How could she not love such a tender man like him?

"I told you that Mark would drive me home. Why did you come?" The question was eventually raised, the one that Daisy had been dying to ask. She now evaded his playful tone on purpose.

"Didn't somebody say she missed me? I rushed here to let you see me. Aren't you moved?" While holding the steering wheel, Edward glanced sidelong at her, half playful, and half serious. He looked both charming and mischievous.

"Yes, I am. I'm so moved that I put myself in a perilous position, like a sheep falling straight into the tiger's mouth." Although Daisy was happy inside, she acted otherwise.

"Wait a second. Honey, didn't you say that you were a dog? How did you become a sheep all of a sudden?" Edward was much more eloquent, and it seemed he had a reply ready for everything she was throwing at him. Daisy was annoyed.

"Are you driving the damn car or correcting me?" Daisy cursed whenever she was pissed off. 'Why does this guy have to take everything so seriously? Can't he just humor me for once?' she thought.

"Fine. Seriously now, are you going to see the Ouyangs tonight?" Edward asked cautiously, and observed her expression. This was the first time that he had

with her. She had to leave him, and her heart broke every time she recalled his anger at her.

Edward didn't pursue the question. He looked sideways at Daisy. He didn't know what had made her so sad, or what Daisy was thinking about. At that moment, she looked even colder than usual.

Edward was worried that they might go back to square one. Why did the Ouyangs make her mood swing so abruptly? What had he missed?

His heart ached to watch her like that, and he wished he would be able to work out all the puzzles and find out where her sadness had come from.

The phone rang, and the silence broke. Edward frowned, and picked up his phone in the front of the car. It was an unknown number. It was weird, because unknown numbers had hardly called him until then. Who was it?

Daisy turned around, and asked, "Won't you answer it?" She was bothered, because the ringtone had interrupted her meditation.

"Um, yeah, right away." Edward had thought to hang up, but he was afraid that it might produce a misunderstanding, and that Daisy might think he was hiding something from her.

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