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   Chapter 188 A Tragic Couple

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6242

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Daisy smiled cleverly and pushed Edward's slightly exposed chest. When the furious man fell into the chair, Daisy's eyebrows curled, and she quickly pressed her soft lips onto Edward's, which were still trembling out of anger. She softly bit on them as retribution for his cranky noisy yelling.

Edward didn't expect a 180 degree turn would suddenly come from her, and was completely lost before he felt the sharp sting on his lips. He knew exactly what his lady was doing, and it seemed that his wife had known his temperament pretty well. She knew what she had do to immediately calm him down.

But what was she doing now? 'Is this woman's Chinese zodiac a dog? Why would she bite me like this? Does she subconsciously consider this a kiss?' Thought Edward. If that was the case, then he would have to teach her to do it properly.

Edward changed from being passive, to being active. He held Daisy by the back of her head, and fire suddenly burned gleaming in his eyes. He chased after her delicate tongue, and absorbed every drop of her scent and taste. His kiss was forceful yet tender, and their initial passion had now become a romantic intertwining, a rush, a gentle savoring of the senses. He showed Daisy what a kiss should truly feel like, definitely not a frantic series of random bites.

Their passion had quickly heated up, and Daisy was no longer biting Edward; instead, her tongue was forced to twirl with Edward's, and her breath lost its rhythm. Her weakened body leaned against his, and for the moment, Daisy entirely forgot who and where she was. It was an abandonment of herself, and the perceptive Edward quickly and carefully exploit it.

Following the extended kiss, Edward reluctantly pulled back from her fiery lips, but if they had been in a better place, and at a better time, he would have never let her go so easily. For the time bein

dy." Edward laughed wickedly, eager to see how Daisy would defend herself.

"Screw you, don't piece me in with you! Even if somehow I had the misfortune of indeed becoming a landlady, I still would do my duty as a soldier, and still would fight dirty profiteers like you to the end." Daisy then smartly put on her military cap, mocking Edward.

Edward was dumbfounded. The woman knew how to shut his naturally arrogant ass down. He had always been proud of his powerful position, yet in her words, it sounded worthless.

"Haha! I'm not afraid. Even if I were dragged into a struggle session, you wouldn't be spared. We'd then become a tragic couple!" Hopeless, Edward shook his head and laughed. Everybody else would kill for any kind of connection with him, yet Daisy rejected him in the bluntest of ways. She said, "Who'd want to become a tragic couple with you? If you're brought to a struggle session, I would be the one to report you. The goal is to draw a clear line between someone like me, and a profiteer like you." Daisy remembered the luxury cars in Edward's garage, and automatically curled her lips out of resentment. She had had enough of this guy. Why did he have to buy so many luxury cars? Was he going to drive them all?

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