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   Chapter 187 My Figure Is Super Hot

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"Mr. Mu came here on the spur of the moment. I really don't know why." What Luke said was true. Wherever Edward went, he followed and never asked why.

"Okay. "Luke, go with Mark. Show him the way to our house. Edward and I will be along later." Even though Edward was there to pick her up, she still thought it important to show Mark where she lived. Something told her he might feel better knowing she lived in a beautiful house.

"Okay, Mrs. Mu." Since Edward would be with Daisy, there was nothing for Luke to worry about.

"Mark, go with Luke! Follow his car. Take it slow driving through that neighborhood. When you get there, relax. Just feel at home like you're on base. And Justin's there too. Let him know I'll be home in a bit." said Daisy. Daisy worried that Mark would be overwhelmed when he saw Edward's luxury house. He needed to be prepared.

"Okay, Colonel." Mark replied. Mark grew up in a rural area. So it was rare for him to see rich people like Edward who drove luxury cars. He was excited to visit Daisy's place, but he was also nervous--he didn't know what to expect. But Daisy just told him to chill, and he felt better.

Daisy nodded at them, watching them leave. Then she turned her head to look at the man sleeping soundly in the car. She smiled softly and reached out her hands to see if the car door was unlocked. It was. Why? She frowned with doubt, and then she gently sat down in the car.

She tilted her head to gaze at his handsome face. Her heart was full of happiness and sweetness. There were countless women who wanted him. But at this moment, he belonged only to her.

She raised her hand and touched his forehead, and felt his delicate skin. She indulged herself in this moment. This was unimaginable for her. She had dreamed of this opportunity thousands of times and it was right here within reach. Edward was beside her. She felt free to touch his warm skin simply by raising her hand. This made her very emotional.

'He looks very charming. No wonder he's alway

e just made fun of him off the top of her head. She didn't think Edward would have that reaction. So she decided to continue teasing him.

"Daisy, how can you compare me with those rude soldiers? I'm a gentleman!" said Edward. He had the urge to strangle her now. He was so angry that his face went red. 'How could she compare me with a soldier? Are her soldiers as handsome as me? Are they as beautiful and talented as me? Or do they have the same handsome figure? Huh! How could she say they're strong? They are all stocky and rough men. How dare she compare them with me?'

"Why are you so upset? Your voice is deafening. What's wrong with my soldier boys? Do they annoy you? Then you shouldn't despise them. I'm a soldier, you know. And I know they're all better and hotter than you!" Daisy raised her eyebrows and smiled. It was better to make him irritated now. So she would not feel embarrassed.

"Daisy! Are you trying to make me angry?" Edward said, narrowing his dangerous eyes. He gnashed his teeth and looked at Daisy. She was smiling gracefully. 'Do I really look so bad? So now I'm the one being teased. That's fine. But she had the insolence, the arrogance to say that the soldiers are hotter than me. I need to teach her a good lesson. She's constantly testing my limits.' Edward thought. 'She needs to know when to stop.'

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